These 22 Parents Totally Nailed What A Quarantine With Kids Is Like, And It's Funnier Than It Should Be

    "We've been in quarantine for 18 days, and my 9-year-old has been talking nonstop for 20 of them."

    There's no doubt about it — being quarantined with your kiddos 'round the clock is all parts amazing, challenging, and seriously hilarious.

    Well, we rounded up some of the funniest tweets we could find about being in a quarantine with your kids, and it's hilariously real:


    We’ve been in quarantine for 18 days and my 9yo has been talking nonstop for 20 of them.


    Don’t underestimate a child's ability to grasp what's happening right now. I've discussed the pandemic and social distancing with my 4-year-old and she's decided to speak 3 inches from my face instead of the normal 1 inch.


    My daughter just maintained eye contact while stuffing her face with the last of my chocolate stash and my husband said “oh shit” and picked her up and took her into the other room but he won’t always be here to protect her


    4-year-old: Dad? Me: Yeah? 4: I bet you taste like macaroni. So we're to that part of the quarantine.


    My son just asked me if I when I was little I had to stay inside for COVIDs 1 through 18


    When it’s bedtime and you go to put your kid in pyjamas but realise you never got them dressed in the first place


    You know, I can handle a quarantine. I can handle rationing food. I can even handle having to relearn elementary math. But did this really have to be the week that my 4 year old learned to tell knock knock jokes?


    I don’t know who needs to hear this but unpack your kid’s backpacks and lunch boxes now or risk a nasty surprise when schools start to open back up again.


    What I’m doing can’t be called homeschooling. I’m fumbling with websites and school emails while my six year old runs half dressed through the house eating his fourth piece of “be quiet” toast.


    While playing outside our toddler peed on the side of our minivan, and honestly it’s fine cause it’s not like we use it for anything else these days.


    Me to my kids: you have to eat right and get good sleep if you want to stay healthy. Also me: *shouting at 5am* WHO THE HELL ATE MY BREAKFAST PRINGLES??


    So we don’t go to restaurants, kids aren’t signed up for anything, and we are just staying home during spring break? Sounds like my childhood.


    My preteen saw a bird fly past the window, muttered “ooh, bird” and jaunted to the window to stare outside. So his transformation to house cat is complete.


    Our 4yo is insisting I help him build a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle before breakfast, so yes, we are definitely going to starve to death.


    8yo: Can we order pizza? Me: Not tonight, son. Your dad went out hunting for groceries this morning and we’re going to microwave burritos just like the pioneers did.


    Please send your thoughts & prayers to my 16 yo I asked her to do something


    So far during quarantine homeschool all I’ve taught my kids is about 37 new swear words


    Me: Get dressed. 7-year-old: Why? Me: We need to make things seem normal. 7: When were things ever normal? I guess it's pajama day.


    My daughter just asked me where we keep our crow bar and I’m pretty sure that’s my cue to end the unsupervised play portion of our day.


    13: My English teacher wants us to write in a journal every day Me: What have you written so far? 13: “I don’t want to write a journal, & I don’t like Quarantine Chicken Surprise.” M: Good opener.


    My kids have been so needy during quarantine lately. Always wanting me to color with them and give them things like food and water.


    Me: what’s the first thing you want to do after the quarantine? Wife: get a babysitter.

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