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20 Surprisingly Useful New Baby Hacks Every New Parent Is Going To Want To See

These are genius AF.

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9. Traveling with baby? Pack your baby's outfits (including diapers and socks) in separate Ziploc bags labeled by day.

nuripod / Via

This is a Mommy-pro move that will help your suitcase stay organized and you stay sane.

10. Create some mess-free tummy time art!

Instagram: @babytalk_dubai

Squeeze a few dots of acrylic paint onto a sheet of paper, place in a Ziploc bag, and let your baby go for it! They'll discover their inner Picasso and get some tummy-time in, too!


12. Use a pool noddle (yes, a pool noodle) to carry your baby's car seat and relieve the pressure on your arms.

One Crazy House / Via

Dude. What I would give to have known this one when I was toting my twinfants around.



A hack that appeared in an earlier version of this post was removed due to concerns over its safety.