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    20 Surprisingly Useful New Baby Hacks Every New Parent Is Going To Want To See

    These are genius AF.

    1. Use a shoe organizer to store jars of baby food in your pantry.

    Style Savvy Sara / Via

    You can also use it to store diapers, burp cloths, pretty much any baby product!

    2. Save space in your diaper bag by rolling the backup outfit into a sock.

    One Crazy House / Via

    Whoa. Learn how to do this at One Crazy House.

    3. Attach a command hook to the back of your baby's high chair to keeps bibs handy at mealtime.

    barangbabycantik / Via

    4. Need to baby-proof a cabinet in a pinch? Use a dog collar!

    hacked_by_a_mommie / Via

    Mind seriously blown.

    5. Make your own nearly-perfect baby stain remover with Dawn, baking soda and peroxide.

    My Life in Pink and Green / Via

    Find the recipe at My Life in Pink and Green. You're so welcome.

    6. Use a syringe to create frozen baby food bites.

    hacked_by_a_mommie / Via

    When super-cute meets mess-free, I'm totally sold!

    7. Save space in your drawers by rolling up your baby's clothes.

    One Crazy House / Via

    You might want to use this one for yourself, too!

    8. Make "momsicles" for your teething baby by freezing pacifiers in breast milk.

    the johnsons / Via

    These will soothe their sore gums while also providing nourishment. Double win.

    9. Traveling with baby? Pack your baby's outfits (including diapers and socks) in separate Ziploc bags labeled by day.

    nuripod / Via

    This is a Mommy-pro move that will help your suitcase stay organized and you stay sane.

    10. Create some mess-free tummy time art!

    11. Keep a chart on the side of your baby's medicine bottle to keep track of doses.

    lovezilla / Via

    Your sleep-deprived Mommy brain will thank you.

    12. Use a pool noddle (yes, a pool noodle) to carry your baby's car seat and relieve the pressure on your arms.

    One Crazy House / Via

    Dude. What I would give to have known this one when I was toting my twinfants around.

    13. Cut your baby's nails twenty minutes after they've fallen asleep.

    twinklerugs / Via

    You'll have an easier time and a much more willing participant.

    14. Use a few of those plastic to-go condiment containers to store pacifiers in your purse or diaper bag.

    One Crazy House / Via

    Pure genius.

    15. Pumping momma? Make your own pumping bra with your used sports bra.

    Pretty Providence / Via

    Save your money on buying one – you have a new baby, you'll need every penny. Learn how to make one at Pretty Providence.

    16. Keep your baby bottle parts organized in stackable mini-drawers.

    hacked_by_a_mommie / Via

    You can find these budget-friendly containers on Amazon or at your local dollar store.

    17. Headed to the beach with baby? Make your own beach play yard!

    _brittneymorgan_ / Via

    Bring your mattress cover, use your totes as corner anchors, and voilá!

    18. Use your hot glue gun to plug bath toy holes.

    We Love Being Moms / Via

    The cleaning process will be much easier and you won't have to worry about yucky mold inside.

    19. Breastfeeding? Freeze some aloe vera gel in a Ziploc or milk storage bag and you've got a sore nipple relief pack.

    Swaddles n' Bottles / Via

    And TBH, you'll probably need several.

    20. You can also store frozen breast milk bags in empty six-pack boxes.

    Fit Mommy Diaries / Via

    Turns out they fit perfectly.


    A hack that appeared in an earlier version of this post was removed due to concerns over its safety.