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    21 Disney Parks Bucket List Items That'll Make Disney Fans Say, "Hey, I Wanna Do That!"

    "Meet every single character while dressed up as the character."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what's on their Disney Parks bucket list, and their responses ranged from the "omg, yes!" to the "wait, what?"

    1. "Number one on my bucket list is to get engaged in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland."

    liv1493 / Via

    2. "I want to meet every single Disney character while actually dressed up as the character."

    dapperonthedaily / Via

    "So far, I've done this with Belle, Lilo (meeting Stitch), and Wendy (meeting Peter Pan)."


    3. "I want to shoot hoops on the basketball court inside the Matterhorn."

    disneyland_tips_hints_facts / Via

    4. "I want to visit Disneyland and Disney World on the same day! I saw someone accomplish this on Facebook recently, and seriously — life goals!"

    orange_songbird / Via

    5. "I want to taste all the cupcakes at every Disney park."

    6. "Drink around the world at Disney World's Epcot...and survive."

    endlessmickeywaffles / Via

    7. "Lunch with an Imagineer at Brown Derby in Hollywood Studios. I want to become an Imagineer one day, so getting to actually talk to one would be a dream come true."

    jameswdw / Via

    8. I've always wanted to be in a flash mob in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. That would be totally ridiculous...and totally awesome."

    brianstrickland10 / Via

    — Asia McLain, BuzzFeed

    9. "When I was younger, my parents would always talk about the Lapu Lapu, a drink at Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort which is served in a pineapple. Supposedly, it has so much alcohol in it, that they limit you to two of them. So of course, I've always wanted to try it."

    disneywiththedunns / Via


    10. "Own a piece of vintage memorabilia from the early days of the parks."

    disneycaveman / Via

    11. "I just want to eat at Club 33. JUST ONCE."

    clayheximer / Via

    — Aimee Curameng, Facebook

    12. "Have sex on Pirates of the Caribbean."



    13. "I've always wanted to work at one of the parks as Mickey, to make kids happy and give them amazing Disney memories."

    hazel_shmazel / Via

    14. “Rumor has it there are wild cats that live in Disneyland, but I’ve never actually seen one! I always keep an eye out when I go, and I'd love to spot one someday.”

    ciapparty / Via

    —Mike Spohr, BuzzFeed

    15. "I've always wanted to totally shut down Disneyland and have a private party there!"


    —Leigh Gaston, Facebook

    16. "Ride an attraction with a character, and spend a full day just taking Animation Academy classes."

    17. "Spend New Years' Eve in a Disney park and be the Grand Marshal for the parade."

    18. "Spend a night in the invite-only Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World."

    tinker_beth90 / Via

    19. "I want to spend an ENTIRE YEAR at Disneyland and experience every single holiday event there."

    faithtrustdisneydust / Via

    20. "I'm determined to visit Walt's apartment on Main Street at Disneyland. It was the one place Walt went to rest when he was at the park, so it means so much!"

    faithzieglermusic / Via

    21. "To visit EVERY DISNEY PARK KNOWN TO MAN! Oh, and to try a churro...because I've never had one."

    mrssickler / Via

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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