19 Dads Who Hilariously Blew It During Their Partner's Childbirth

    My husband said, 'Wow, this isn't so bad. It's just like a sow giving birth."

    Recently, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their husband or partner's funniest delivery room fail, and they came through with some doozies, y'all:

    Well, here are 19 more painfully funny childbirth fails that will make you laugh and go, "SMDH."

    1. "My husband had spent all day on a Slip N' Slide with our toddler and I went into labor the next day. Well, at the hospital I noticed him wincing every time he moved, so I finally asked him what was wrong — and he said that his abs were killing him from the Slip N' Slide. I was in labor with no meds."

    2. "My husband is a hog farmer. So as I was giving birth to our son, he said, 'Wow, this isn't so bad — it's just like a sow giving birth.'"


    3. "I was already at the hospital when my water broke, so I asked my husband to press the call button on the bed to let the nurses know. Well, instead, he accidentally pressed the 'code' button on the wall — and all of a sudden about 10 doctors and nurses came scrambling into the room. I just looked at them embarrassed and said, 'My water broke?'"

    4. "When my partner's mother called to ask how things were going, he said, 'Actually, terrible.' She started yelling, 'WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED?!' and he responded, 'Prince just died.' I thought it was pretty funny. She didn't."

    "RIP, Prince — I'll never forget the day you died."


    5. "Shortly after our baby was born, I had passed out in the recovery room, and my partner asked if I wouldn't mind moving to the chair so he could use the bed to get some sleep since we'd kept him up all night."


    6. "The doctor put my newborn baby daughter on my chest to meet me, and my significant other suddenly screamed, 'DON'T TOUCH IT!', causing the nurses to stare at him in horror. When I asked why he did that, he said, 'She just looked so gross I didn't know what else to say.'"

    7. "When it was time for me to push, my husband asked the nurse to 'hold on a sec' while he changed the channel on the TV to chose an 'appropriate' first show for our son to see. He chose Star Trek.'"


    8. "After our baby was born, my husband took pictures of her in the incubator while the nurses did her check-up. Sweet concept, except he took all the pictures facing the delivery bed, so every single one of those precious first pictures of our daughter has me in the background, naked and delivering the placenta."


    9. "I had contractions all night, and when it was time to go to the hospital, my daughter's father woke up and put on a shirt he didn't notice said, 'This is the shirt I wear when I don't care.' His mother made him change."

    10. "During labor with my oldest child, my husband was holding one of my feet. Well, since I was numb from the epidural, I couldn't feel him accidentally twisting my foot. Turns out, he twisted it so much he gave me a sprained ankle! For my next delivery, he wasn't allowed to hold my feet at all!"


    11. "My husband was wearing scrubs for my C-section, and they were one size fits all. Well, he's a bit on the stocky side, so as soon as he came in the room and went to sit next to me, his pants ripped open!"


    12. "I was in my fourth hour of pushing when my husband shouted, 'Good form!' The nurse turned to him and said, 'She's not bowling!' He loves to tell people how he's so funny he got me to laugh during a contraction."

    13. "I was in the bathroom changing my clothes and my partner let out an awful fart...right as the doctor walked in. He said, 'She's in the bathroom. She might be a awhile.'"


    14. "When the doctor took out the needle for my epidural, my husband exclaimed, 'Oh my God — that thing is HUGE!' I remind him of that every once in a while to get my way."


    15. "My dad went to the wrong hospital and totally missed my birth."

    16. "The nurse had me do some practice pushes before the doctor came in to deliver my baby. Well, my husband was 'practice pushing' with me, and all that pushing made him have to poop really badly. But right when he started, the baby's head came out, so he had to stop. That said, the first 45 minutes of the 'Golden Hour' you are supposed to spend bonding right after your baby is born was spent with him in the bathroom pooping."


    17. "I was pacing around the room while in labor with my daughter, and my husband said to me, 'So, it really hurts that bad, huh?' He almost didn't live to see our daughter born that night."

    18. "My history teacher sang 'Push It' by Salt N' Pepa while his wife was in labor with their first kid. She did not appreciate it."


    19. "My husband asked, 'So, are you ready to have another one?' right as I was pushing. The nurse glared at him and said, 'Sir, this is not the appropriate time.'"

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