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19 Totally Clever Disneyland Hacks You Definitely Haven't Thought Of Yet

Seriously upgrade your next visit.

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1. "Use the inside line for Dole Whips, which is much shorter than the outside line. And then head to the snack shop across from the Jungle Cruise to get some free Tajin to sprinkle on it!"

2. "Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad during the fireworks for a perfect view of the show. It's an incredible experience."

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"If you reach the front of the line before the fireworks have started, you can ask to wait to board until they start. Cannot recommend enough!"


3. "Instead of waiting in the long line at the corn dog cart on Main Street, head to Stage Door Cafe in Frontierland. The line is much shorter and you can get fries as a side order for the same price as apples or chips at the cart."


6. "Buy the popcorn in the tall plastic container, and when you're finished, buy a turkey leg. It fits perfectly in the popcorn container, so you aren't stuck carrying a huge, greasy meat leg like a savage!"


10. "If you're traveling with kids, have bulky items (diapers, cases of water, etc...) shipped to your hotel before you arrive. Disney will have them waiting for you at check-in, and you won't have to worry about traveling with them."

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"Be sure to add about two days for their staff to receive and deliver your package."



14. "Buy Disney gift cards in bulk from Sam's Club or Costco and use them to buy your tickets. You get bonus gift card money when you buy the multi-pack!"

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"The trick is to call and redeem them over the phone because you can only use one online."



19. "If you want to beat the massive crowd exiting Disneyland after the fireworks show, head to the roof of the parking structure to view it instead. You'll be the first ones out after the fireworks end, and your view will be pretty damn cool, too."

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