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18 People Who — Not Even Kidding — Look Exactly Like Disney Characters

The resemblance is real.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us which Disney character they look like and the responses proved that there are definitely some people out there who have Disney doppelgängers:

1. Like this girl, who has both Rapunzel's sweet smile and her lonnnnnnnng golden locks:

2. This girl, whose resemblance to Mulan is uncanny:

3. And if this girl doesn't look exactly like Ariel, then I dunno what...

4. This girl, who has favored Moana since toddlerhood:

5. And this girl, who sure as hell looks like her now:

6. This girl, who is definitely the Belle of the ball:

7. This girl, who is basically Princess Jasmine in human form:

8. And this girl, who is so Merida it hurts:

9. This girl, who somehow manages to out–Snow White an actual Snow White:

10. This girl, who looks just like Ursula's human form, Vanessa:

11. This girl, who looks so much like Tinkerbell's fairy friend Prilla it's scary:

12. This girl, who has Elsa's reserved elegance, not to mention her eyes:

13. And this girl, who totally has Anna's wacky charm:

14. This girl, who — filter or not — could give Ursula a run for her money:

15. This girl, who definitely resembles Princess Tiana:

16. This girl, who's a totally convincing Cinderella:

17. This girl, who could be Elena of Avalor's twin:

18. And this girl, who somehow looks exactly like Roxanne from "A Goofy Movie" and I am fully shook:

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Some responses were edited for length and clarity.