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18 Moms Of 2018 Who Made Us Laugh, Cry, And Retweet

Let's face it — moms ruled 2018.

1. This mom, who not only showed us some stunning week-by-week photos of her pregnancy with triplets, but also kept it real about her postpartum recovery.

2. This mom, who made us all laugh with her hilariously real comics about the differences between your first kid and your second.

3. This mom and breast cancer survivor, whose courage and resilience inspired us when she put up a "no breastfeeding" sign in her delivery room.

4. These moms, who shared honest photos of their postpartum bodies on Instagram's @takebackpostpartum page.

5. This mom, who drew these comics in response to her husband asking her why she's so tired and cranky, making 'useless nipples' our favorite phrase of 2018.


6. This mom, who wasn't at all shy about bringing her favorite refreshments on a shopping trip to Marshall's.

I saw this white woman with a glass of white wine in the middle of Marshall's and I'm honestly still not over it


7. And Kate Middleton, who used her Batman voice on the kids at her sister's wedding, proving that even royal moms are just like us.

8. This mom and maternal health expert, who partnered with illustrator Molly McIntyre to create these refreshingly real comics about the scary thoughts new moms have.

9. Michelle Obama, who opened up about conceiving her daughters through IVF after suffering a miscarriage, empowering other women dealing with the same thing.

.@MichelleObama opens up to @RobinRoberts in revealing new interview; says she felt "lost and alone” after suffering miscarriage 20 years ago. Watch @ABC special covering her journey to motherhood and more from her memoir, "Becoming," Sunday night 9/8c.


10. This mom, whose breathtaking photos of her breastfeeding her toddlers gave support and encouragement to extended breastfeeding moms everywhere.

11. Jennifer Garner, who posted this hilariously relatable note from her kid calling her a "fun-killing mom."

12. This mom, who volunteered to stand in at same sex weddings for individuals whose biological mothers wouldn't.

Facebook: sara.cunningham.942

13. New mom Cardi B, who kept it hilarious this year about everything from how much her arm hurt from toting an infant carrier to duck-taping her postpartum boobs.

14. This inspirational mom of five, who got her GED, associate's degree, bachelor's degree, law degree, and then became a lawyer AFTER having five kids.

15. This mom, who draws these adorable pictures on her daughter's snack bags every day to help ease her anxiety.

Everyday I pack Bria’s morning snack for school in a white paper bag. I draw her with a picture of her snack on a plate. The outfit she’s wearing in my picture always matches her real outfit for the day. It also shows the weather. I’m a terrible artist, but I love her so much.


16. Chrissy Teigen, who posed for this totally relatable photo of pumping in the car while on date night.

17. This mom, who posed for a super-cute "empty nest" photo shoot with her husband, after their kids went off to college.

18. And this royal momma-to-be, whose baby announcement with Prince Harry was the tweet heard around the world and gave us alllllll the excitement about 2019.

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the Spring of 2019.

Kensington Palace

Way to go, Moms! We can't wait to see the amazing things you do in 2019!