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    17 Totally Epic Ways People Met Their Significant Others

    "My wife and I met when she walked in on me taking a mirror selfie in the work restroom."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their meet-cute, and the responses proved that some people's love stories are straight out of the movies:

    1. "I was working at Sears with a cute guy, and I really wanted his attention. So one day, when he was behind me, I tried to do a sexy walk...and ended up walking into a wall! I fell backwards, and he caught me mid-air. But instead of saying 'Thank you,' I said, 'Let's get coffee.'"


    "Six years later, we have a beautiful little girl and are still going strong."


    2. "I was studying abroad and didn't know anyone, and my coworker encouraged me to volunteer at a marathon handing out water bottles. Well, my (now) boyfriend worked at the farmer's market across the street, and his boss thought the marathon was the perfect marketing opportunity β€” so, he sent him to stand on the corner next to me and hand out fliers. So there were, side-by-side, laughing, talking, and flirting. And β€” of course β€” it began to rain."


    "We've been together for three years, and next year he's moving across the ocean to be with me!"


    3. "I'm an amateur MMA fighter, and at practice one day, I was partnered with a guy I had never met. He was avoiding hitting me β€” which pissed me off! β€” so I said, 'Hit me harder! I'm a tough bitch!', and then I kicked him in the face. We've been married four years and have two little boys."



    4. "My wife and I met when we were working at the same place and she walked in on me taking a mirror selfie in the restroom."



    5. "I was on vacation in Santorini when I had to go to the hospital for a minor injury. While waiting in the lobby, a very attractive paramedic kept passing by. We ended up chatting for a while, and it was love at first sight. He even said he would come find me in Rome, where I lived. But after he left for the day, I realized we never even got each other's names! So when I got back home, I emailed the hospital looking for the 'tall, dark-haired man wearing a white uniform.' The hospital replied saying that most Greek men fit that description..."


    "The only other information I had to give them was the time he finished his shift. And I was just about to give up hope when I got a Facebook messenger request from him two weeks later. The hospital had found him! And a few weeks later, he came to see me in Rome, like he said he would."


    6. "I noticed a guy on the subway ask a bored little boy nearby if he wanted to play Tic-Tac-Toe. I thought it was really sweet, so after they finished and the boy exited the train, I asked the guy if he'd play Tic-Tac-Toe with me. He did, and I wrote my phone number in the squares."


    "Four years later, he's the love of my life."


    7. "I was working the night shift at a hotel reception desk, when my (now) husband randomly stopped in for the night while on a road trip with his family. It was love at first sight β€” I couldn't even get through my check-in speech because I was blushing so hard. He ended up moving there, and we got married after six months. We even framed his room registration card with our wedding photo."


    8. "I had a crush on a girl in my international relations class, so I asked a charming classmate for advice on how to get her. Turned out she wasn't interested, but lucky for me, he was."


    "We’ve been together a year and a half, and I’m planning on proposing after we graduate!


    9. "I was in Best Buy looking for a CD when a voice asked me, 'Are you a midget?' When I turned around, I saw that the voice belonged to a guy who was almost SEVEN FEET TALL, towering over me at 4 '11. So I snapped back, 'Who do you think you are, SASQUATCH?!' Then he replied apologetically, 'Can I start over, please?' We've been together ever since."

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    10. "In high school one of my friends was dating a guy I had a few classes with, and she complained that he had tried to kiss her with Cheeto crumbs all over his mouth. Well, one day when I passed him in the hallway, I saw that he was snacking on Cheetos again. So I pulled him aside and wiped off his face with my sleeve. No conversation β€” just cleaned off his face and kept walking. He approached me in class later and told me he thought that was hilarious. After high school, we started dating, and 12 years and three kids later, he's still a messy eater!"



    11. "He was the T.A. in my high school math class, and he would change all of my answers so that I'd pass."

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    12. "My friends and I were at a bar on my birthday when a bar-boy offered to take a few pictures for us. I thought he was so nice that I invited him to karaoke with us later. Fast-forward several drinks later, I had shimmied out of my bra on the dance floor and given it to a friend for safe-keeping. Well, when the cute bar-boy got up to sing, my friend threw my bra onstage at him, and it landed RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! I was so embarrassed that I ignored him for the rest of the night, until the next morning, when he texted me, 'So, whose underwear were on my head last night?' I apologized, telling him they were mine. And he said in response, 'Sweet β€” can I take you to breakfast?'"


    "We're still together three years later."


    13. "I'd just had an awful Tinder date earlier in the day so I decided to go to my Psychology class early and just wait in the classroom. But I'd missed the email that said class had been cancelled. I had been sitting in the empty classroom for fifteen minutes when a guy came running in, frantically. He looked around at the empty room, sighed in relief, and said, 'Whew β€” this was my fourth tardy this semester! We started talking and decided to get smoothies together. Somehow, he never got the class cancellation email, either!"



    14. "I was in a car accident and had to begin seeing a physical therapist. He was adorable and sweet, and we had a lot in common. Well, after my condition improved, he discharged me β€” and I was so sad that I wouldn't be seeing him anymore that I took a chance and wrote him a thank-you note with my phone number in it. But I was too nervous to hand it to instead, I THREW IT AT HIM and ran out the door as fast as I could!"


    "A year and a half later, I can say with confidence that I’ve found the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with!"


    15. "I was on my high school's tennis team, and was in the middle of playing a rally, when one of the balls rolled out of the court gate and under someone's car. I ran out to the parking lot, and just as I reached under the car to grab the ball, a cute guy popped up from the other side of the car with a smile, and handed it to me. We've been together for six years now."


    16. "I was at a friend's party in college when I started to leave and drunkenly wandered into the middle of a game of catch in the living room. The football was flying DIRECTLY AT MY HEAD when a long arm reached in front of me and swatted it to the ground. I looked up to find a tall guy standing there, and I said to him, 'That ball almost hit me!' He replied sweetly, 'I would never let that happen.' In May, we'll be celebrating our 10-year anniversary."



    17. "I met my boyfriend at a party when I was an exchange student in France. I didn't know enough French to talk to him, so I kept offering him some of my pizza, since 'pizza' was one of the few words I knew because it's the same in both languages. At the end of the night, he enlisted his friend as an interpreter to ask me out."


    "We stayed together nine years learning each other's languages...and, of course, going out for pizza from time to time."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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