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    17 Totally Easy Summer Pregnancy Hacks You'll Definitely Want To Bookmark

    Tips from women who've been there and survived it.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their summer pregnancy tips and the responses were totally useful:

    1. "Wear maxi dresses only. They're way cooler than pants or shorts and you don't have to worry about trying to shave!"

    whatiwore365 / Via

    — Cheyenne Müge Eren, Facebook

    2. "I used pool noodles to prop myself on my belly in the pool — one across my hips, one under my boobs, one under my ankles — and rested my face on a kickboard. I know I looked ridiculous, but it felt so good to float and have no pressure on any part of my body."

    rachachavow / Via

    —Stephanie England, Facebook

    3. "You know those gel ice packs you use for achy muscles? Put them in your bra cups! Since it's gel, it won't melt or sweat, and your boobs will definitely thank you!"

    Universal Pictures

    4. "My trick was to take a warm epson salt bath before bed. Even though it seems counterintuitive to take a warm bath when you're already hot, the warm water soothes sore muscles and promotes blood flow to the skin. This lowers your body temperature while you sleep!"

    pipersmamaxoxo / Via

    — Bonnie Reid, Facebook

    5. "Drink way more water than you think need to. Being dehydrated can actually cause premature contractions."

    natdabrat84 / Via

    —Emily Bourne Kirby, Facebook

    6. "Eating watermelon will help with the swelling."

    herbivorous.leigh / Via

    —Tonya Baird, Facebook

    7. "We went on a beach vacation when I was seven months pregnant, and my 3-year-old was digging holes in the sand when I got an idea. I had my husband help him make a really wide one, and stuck my belly in it. I was finally able to be comfortable and get my backside tan!"



    8. "My advice is to find a good, comfy pair of flip-flops. They will fit even when your feet are swollen, and you can put them on without having to bend down."

    charsol85 / Via

    9. "Freeze your favorite drinks in ice cube trays, and feel free to freeze fruit and other snacks too!"

    vegan_fit_jay / Via

    10. "Swimming is a fantastic way to get exercise, reduce swelling in feet and legs, cool down, and also supposedly helps baby get in a good position for labor."

    pocahontas_pp / Via

    "If you don't have access to a pool, check out local hotels. Many will give you a day pass to use their pool for a few bucks."

    11. "I had my husband stuff ice packs in my socks. Helped with the swelling and cooled me down."

    12. "Exercise indoors where it's cool. I exercise by walking around the mall or Walmart for a few hours and using a shopping cart for support."


    —Jessica Fiedler-Caffrey, Facebook

    13. "Deodorant under the boobs."


    14. "I put my bedsheets in the freezer every evening, then had my husband remake the bed with those nice, chilled sheets. It saved me during a massive summer heatwave."


    15. "I consumed an ungodly amount of popsicles and slushies."

    christianfitnessmom / Via

    16. "During the last two weeks of my summer pregnancy, we went to the movies almost daily. Movie theaters are air-conditioned, have comfy recliners, and seeing a movie is a great way to keep distracted from how uncomfortable you are!"

    _j_i_n_x_ / Via

    17. "Pray."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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