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    17 People Who Learned Things About Their Partners During Quarantine That They Were NOT Ready For

    "My husband thought that when a woman has a cold, somehow her vagina has a cold, too."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the weird and hilarious things they've learned about their partners since being quarantined with them, and their responses were seriously funny:

    Well, some of our readers added their own stories in the comments section, and the things they've found out about their partners during quarantine are, well, interesting:

    1. "My husband thought that when a woman has a cold, somehow her vagina has a cold, too."

    2. "I usually cut up apples for us as a snack, but since I've been so busy with work, I haven't been able to. Well, I walked in on him eating an apple completely through to the core! He spat out the seeds and ate everything else!"


    3. "I discovered that my boyfriend doesn't clip or file his nails — he just rips them off with his fingers. He RIPS. THEM. OFF."

    4. "Just found out that my boyfriend — who I've known for 15 years — didn't know that hens could lay eggs without a rooster."


    5. "My husband silently narrates his emails while he types them in a lively, conversational way, complete with hand gestures and facial expressions."

    6. "That my husband can eat a truly incredible amount of bread. I started baking before the stay-at-home orders, and somehow, his stomach is able to keep up with me cranking out 3–4 loaves a week. And he's still consuming store-bought bread on top of that!"

    "Bless him and his ridiculous metabolism."


    7. "I found out my partner says 'lupe warm' instead of 'lukewarm.'"

    8. "After 10 years together, I just discovered that my husband hums an abnormal amount. It was kind of cute three or four weeks ago, but now it's so obnoxious that I have to sit outside to get away from it and stop myself from throwing something at him!"


    9. "I learned during the quarantine that my fiancé thinks people say 'waffley wedded wife' in their wedding vows, instead of 'lawfully wedded.'"

    10. "My husband speaks to every client on speakerphone. Apparently, he does it at the office as well. I told him his coworkers are definitely annoyed by him!"


    11. "I discovered that my husband looks great in leggings! He normally only wears them at the gym, but since he's been working out at home, I get a great view of that ass!"

    12. "My husband pronounces the 'L' in 'salmon.'"


    13. "Found out my boyfriend never closes cabinets. Literally never."

    14. "I found out my partner is a MASSIVE germaphobe! He's obsessed with getting dirt off of everything. He'll even wash unused cutlery if it was on the coffee table. Unused!"


    15. "That my husband pronounces the 'Z' in Czech Republic. That was the first time I ever slow-blinked at him."

    16. "My husband pronounces dispensary as 'dispensiary.' It kills me."


    17. "And I found out my boyfriend — who is 35 years old — has never played checkers before!"

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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