17 Texts That Totally Prove Moms Are The Funniest Humans Alive

    Dear Moms, never stop texting us.

    1. This mom, who — bless her heart — is still learning how to use emojis:

    2. This mom, who is not here for your social media shoutouts:

    3. This mom, who takes your point and raises you an even better one:

    4. This mom, who knows that a picture is worth a thousand words:

    5. And this mom, who knows you better than you know yourself:

    6. This mom, whose jokes could put dad jokes to shame any day:

    7. This mom, who has a way better idea than yours:

    8. This mom, who makes a great point about equality:

    9. This mom, who has your back, no questions asked:

    10. This mom, who keeps it real about your talents:

    11. And this mom, who meant "peanuts"...I think:

    12. This mom, who is way more savage than you'll ever be:

    13. And this mom, who is way more random than you'll ever be:

    14. This mom, who will make you afraid to fall asleep:

    15. This mom, who takes first place in looking out for her kid:

    16. This mom, who wants you to know how gangsta she is:

    17. And this mom, who challenges you not to take life too seriously, because she sure as hell doesn't: