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    16 "How My Grandparents Met" Stories That'll Make You Laugh, Cringe, And Swoon

    "My grandpa was stealing a couch from someone's apartment and stopped to talk to a beautiful woman sitting on the stoop next door."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how their grandparents met and the responses were romantic, charming, and totally epic:

    1. "My grandmother went out bowling with some girlfriends after work one night, and saw four men bowling in the next lane over. She was very beautiful, and all four men asked her for her phone number. So she decided she would write it on a piece of paper and throw it in the air — whoever caught it could keep it. My grandfather caught it."


    "And at his funeral, that piece of paper was with him in his casket. He'd kept it forever."


    2. "My grandparents met at a New Year's Eve party in college. My grandfather was there with another girl, and at midnight, my grandmother blew a noisemaker in his face to keep him from kissing his date."


    3. "My grandma and her mom got locked out of their car in the rain during WWII, when a handsome sailor happened to walk by. He was able to slip his arm through the crack of the car window and unlock the door for them. To thank him, my grandma and great-grandma invited him over for some hot chocolate. He married my grandma a few years later."


    4. "My grandparents met in college. My grandma was having trouble making it to her morning classes on time, so she put up an ad for someone who would call and wake her up in the mornings. My granddad answered it."


    "He learned quickly that if he simply woke her up, she would hang up and go back to sleep — so he would stay on the phone and talk her through her morning routine. And eventually, he asked her out."


    5. "My grandmother smuggled Jewish children from Germany to safety in Switzerland during WWII. She was hiding in a church with a few of the children one day when an American soldier entered the church. He had been chosen by his team to enter first since he was the only one who spoke a little German. Not knowing who he was, my grandmother pulled a gun on him. But then he explained in German that they were actually there to help them. That American soldier was my grandfather."

    6. "My grandfather and his best friend were stealing a couch from someone's apartment, when he stopped to talk to a beautiful girl who was sitting on a stoop next door. He quickly asked her out, then told her he had to run before the couch's owner noticed it was gone. They were married a year later."

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    7. "My grandparents met at a diner in 1957, when my grandma was waiting on my grandpa's table. He gave her some change and asked her to play something on the jukebox. Well, she chose 'Love Me Tender' by Elvis Presley and asked him to dance."


    "'Love Me Tender' remained their song until they both died. I even have it tattooed, so I can always remember their romance and how much they loved each other unconditionally."


    8. "My great-grandma was at the beach with her sister when two cars of people asked her to hang out. One was a black car with a group of boys inside, and the other was a brown car with just one guy inside. My great-grandma asked her sister which car she liked more. She picked the brown one. And my great-grandpa was in it."


    9. "My grandma was working with the Red Cross in Vietnam, where my grandpa served as a Special Forces soldier. My grandpa was working in the kitchen one night, and served apple pie with chocolate ice cream. Well, my grandma marched into the kitchen to see 'what kind of person would put chocolate ice cream on apple pie'...and all the cooks pointed at my grandpa."


    "They've been married for over 50 years."


    10. "My grandma was left at the altar by her fiance´, and the wedding cancellation was announced in the paper. Well, my grandpa saw the announcement and wrote my grandma a letter."

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    "They wrote letters back in forth for a while before finally meeting in person and getting married four days later."


    11. "My grandma was working as an undercover cop in South Korea, investigating a prostitution ring. Well, one day the pimps discovered she was a cop, stabbed her in the stomach, and left her in an alley to die. Instead, my grandfather — who was stationed in South Korea at the time — found her while he was out exploring the city. He took her to the hospital and stayed until she came out of surgery."


    "The doctors even told her that her injury would prevent her from having children, but my mom came along a few years later!"


    12. "My grandpa was in an awful car accident one New Year's Eve, and it was so bad he wasn't expected to make it. Well, one day, a nurse was checking on him and another nurse leaned in the door to check if she needed any help. That other nurse was my grandma. And my grandpa claims he knew he was going to marry her that very moment."

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    13. "In the early 1900s in Europe, my grandfather wanted to marry a certain woman. So he told the pastor of his church to ask her father for his permission. Well, the pastor confused two ladies with the same name, and instead told my great-grandfather, who agreed to the marriage. So on his wedding day, my grandfather found out he was marrying THE WRONG WOMAN!"


    14. "My grandfather had just returned from serving in WWII, and was attending a Christmas dance in the town hall with a buddy. He saw a beautiful woman enter the hall with snowflakes in her hair, and said to his buddy that he was going to marry that woman. His buddy then said, 'Then you should come say 'hi' to my folks and the rest of the family!' And that's how my grandfather found out that he'd fallen head-over-heels in love with his best friend's little sister!"

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    15. "When President Kennedy died around Thanksgiving, the plane carrying his body had to stop to refuel at the Air Force base where my grandpa worked, so he couldn't go home for Thanksgiving. Well, my grandma had a crush on a friend of his and had invited that friend to Thanksgiving dinner. And he brought my grandpa as his plus one, since my grandpa didn't have anywhere else to go. My grandma ended up with a bigger crush on him that night!"


    16. "My grandparents met when they both attended my grandma's ex's funeral."


    "They stayed friends for a while out of respect to the deceased, but then decided not to let the way they met keep them from being together."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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