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    16 Mother's Day Fails That Will Make You Glad It Wasn't You

    1. This son who partied a little too hard last night.

    No breakfast in bed - son still unconscious - AND I'm cooking dinner! #mothersdayfail

    2. This kid who clearly has a way with words.

    "Happy Mother's Day - I don't want you to be dead." - my 4-year old to me this morning #mothersday #mothersdayfail #thanksbaby

    3. This kid whose artistic ability didn't quite live up to his sister's.

    My sons card vs my daughters card - yes that's a toilet roll taped to a piece of paper #MothersDayFail #JimmyFallon

    4. This church that really could have rephrased a little.

    @2nightShowJimmy Good one for hashtags! At a church in Laingsburg, Mich. #JimmyFallon #mothersdayfail

    5. This daughter who really needs to read the fine print.

    When you buy your mom a pretty rose bush for Mother's Day and it turns out to be fake. I watered it before delivering it... #Mothersdayfail

    6. This son-in-law who had remarkably bad timing.

    #MothersDayFail: When you send this gif to the mother in law and find out her cat died that morning.

    7. This husband who got to Hallmark just a tad too late.

    When your hubby justifies getting you a sympathy card for Mother's Day by making it present tense #mothersdayfail? 😂

    8. And this husband who did absolutely nothing.

    Dear husband, I don't know what you sent, but the only thing I've gotten in the past two days is annoyed. #MothersDayFail

    9. This restaurant that tried catering to a different demographic.

    10. This son who underestimated the importance of social media.

    My Mother was extremely disappointed when she found out I did not tweet about her yesterday. #whatwasIthinking #mothersdayfail

    11. This Pizza Hut that clearly missed the meaning of the day.

    12. This daughter whose Pinterest dreams were a bit too lofty.

    So I tried making my mom a heart pancake.. #mothersdayfail

    13. This son who just couldn't resist.

    Goes to mall for mothers day present. Spends $300 on myself. #mothersdayfail

    14. This store that was slightly underprepared.

    "Gifts for mom". Like Grateful Dead and Kid Rock. #mothersdayfail

    15. This Dad who meant well but fell a little short.

    Are you supposed to peel the oranges before putting them in the juicer? This just doesn't look right. #mothersdayfail

    16. And this Dad who just plain fucked up.

    Accidentally buying porn from your 7 month old son to his mum on mothers day #Mothersdayfail

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