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    16 Kids Who Are 100% Funny And 1,000% Ruthless

    After all their parents have done for them.

    1. This kid, whose mom asked her for a cup of water:

    2. This kid, who got clever on their mom's period product:

    3. This kid, who left the cereal like this for her parents to find:

    4. This kid, who wrote their mom this sweet note:

    5. This kid, who sent his mom this sweet text right before she got on an airplane:

    6. These kids, who got their mom the "Apple pencil" she wanted for Christmas:

    7. And this kid, who put a fake roach where they knew their mom would find it:

    8. This kid, who wrapped their mom's Christmas gift in packing tape:

    9. This kid, who stuck googly eyes to all her mom's beauty products:

    10. This kid, who masters the art of sarcasm:

    11. This kid, who hid a fake spider in the bananas to scare the scrap out of his mom:

    12. And this kid, who drew spiders on every single square of their mom's toilet paper for an extra dose of petty:

    13. This kid, whose mom told him to get his clothes off the floor:

    14. This kid, who mixed two colors of Play-Doh to poke fun at his mom's OCD:

    15. This kid, who added a little money to her mom's card, literally:

    16. And this kid, who pulls his best Han Solo impression when it counts: