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    16 Kids Who Are So Brutally Hilarious, I Applaud And Pity Their Parents At The Same Time

    These kids have no idea how hilarious they are.

    1. This kid, who is on their way to being a sarcastic culinary genius:

    2. This kid, who took up a new hobby, and brought this helpful guide home:

    3. This kid, who knows how to use YouTube to find his choice of entertainment:

    4. These teenagers, who aren't exactly handy, but are definitely creative:

    5. This kid, who got clever with a prank on his parent:

    6. This kid, who depicted their parent exactly how he sees them:

    7. This kid, who got sarcastically creative on their history assignment:

    8. This teenager, who definitely has his priorities straight:

    9. And this kid, who tried unsuccessfully to get one over on their parents:

    10. This kid, who made this earthquake detection kit for their home:

    11. This kid, who — bless their heart — joined in on a sketch date with their parent and did this adorable sketch:

    12. This kid, who is always willing to lend a helping hand:

    13. This kid, who made a hilariously adorable mistake:

    14. This kid, who brought home this slightly suspicious "note from the school":

    15. This kid, who caught his mistake before it was too late, and made a hilarious adjustment:

    16. And finally, this kid, whose handmade mug turned out a little different than expected, but much, much more hilarious: