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    16 Dads Who Have Been Hilariously Defeated By Parenthood

    Dads, 0. Dad life, 1.

    1. This dad, who has clearly experienced his share of smells:

    sometimes_mama_yells • / Via

    2. This dad, who is his daughter's favorite customer:

    ruggedlydistinguished / Via

    3. This dad, whose baby's spit-up placement was a tad unfortunate:

    sogeking_maza / Via

    4. This dad, who proved that "dad brain" is definitely a thing:

    Chris Lodriguss / Via Twitter: @PChris24

    5. This dad, whose daughter wanted to give him a new look:

    hispaniccausing_panic / Via

    6. And this dad, whose baby did, too:

    jahoozawitz / Via

    7. This dad, who got locked out of the house when bringing his new baby home:

    dansmithkzoo / Via

    8. This dad, whose baby had a diaper leak right where it counts:

    emiann018 / Via

    9. This dad, whose exhaustion might have gone unnoticed:

    mydogsnameisstig / Via

    10. And this dad, whose exhaustion definitely didn't:

    alex_erdel / Via

    11. This dad, who may have lost his partner to mommy speak:

    Ollie Walker / Via Twitter: @scottfphotog

    12. This dad, who was so tired that an Ikea trip turned into a nap:

    daddynarrations / Via

    13. This dad, who doesn't usually have this effect on women:

    Catwo0d / Via Twitter: @Catwo0d

    14. This dad, who had an unfortunate superglue mishap:

    laracapuano / Via

    15. This dad, who got the job no one else wants:

    bms55 / Via

    16. And this dad, who found out early just how funny kids can be:

    Waldo / Via Twitter: @waldo06

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