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15 New Dads Who Thought They Were In Charge And Were So, So Wrong

The house always wins.

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1. This dad, whose baby's spit-up placement was a tad unfortunate:

sogeking_maza / Via

2. This dad, whose baby had a diaper leak right where it counts:

emiann018 / Via

3. This dad, whose exhaustion might have gone unnoticed:

mydogsnameisstig / Via

4. And this dad, whose exhaustion definitely didn't:

alex_erdel / Via

5. This dad, who may have lost his partner to mommy speak:

Ollie Walker / Via Twitter: @scottfphotog

6. This dad, who sees what you're doing here, kid:

Waldo / Via Twitter: @waldo06

7. And this dad, who fell asleep on Ikea's couch mid–shopping trip:

daddynarrations / Via

8. This dad, whose partner provided limited sympathy:

ericamjay / Via

9. And this dad, whose baby provided none at all:

taneeshab / Via

10. This dad, who is basically a walking zombie:

Chris Lodriguss / Via Twitter: @PChris24

11. This dad, whose baby's toy mysteriously showed up in his gym bag as a reminder that there are no breaks:

mmullins03 / Via

12. This dad, whose baby totally knows he's the shit (ha!):

Catwo0d / Via Twitter: @Catwo0d

13. This dad, whose imagination is playing tricks on him:

...or is it?
Brian Kwa / Via Twitter: @kwamatics

...or is it?

14. This dad, who got the job no one else wants:

bms55 / Via

15. And this dad, who knows without a doubt who's boss and who's, well, not:

Phil Dennis / Via Twitter: @Philip_J_Dennis

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