16 Dads Who Took A Problem And Ran With It In A Hilarious Direction

    Dads will be dads.

    1. This dad, who figured out the best way to let his baby nap during a loud family barbecue:

    2. This dad, whose daughter wanted him to play Barbies with her, so he parked Barbie and Ken at the "drive-in:"

    3. This dad, who couldn't find the comb, so he used a plastic fork to do his kid's hair instead:

    4. This dad, who came up with his own barbecue safety hack for kids:

    5. This dad, who knows the importance of keeping his beer safe on a car ride:

    6. And this dad, who decided to get his kid's bath ready and defrost the bacon at the same time:

    7. This dad, who used a blow-dryer to cool down his kid's chili:

    8. This dad, who didn't want to dirty another dish, so he threw some eggs on the waffle iron, too:

    9. This dad, who figured out an unconventional way to warm the baby's bottle on the go:

    10. This dad, who came up with a makeshift ponytail holder idea:

    11. And this dad, who had an idea of how to keep the baby out of trouble while he rested:

    Men become geniuses when you leave babies with them lmao

    kay savage

    12. This dad, who knows the best way to keep you from showing your ass:

    Told my dad I ripped my pants, this was his solution #dadhacks @123schoy


    13. This dad, who forgot his sunhat, so he used the baby carrier instead:

    14. This dad, who used the baby bottle warmer to warm his coffee:

    15. This dad, who used an Ikea chip clip as an easy hair clip:

    16. And this dad, who found a way to hold the baby and drink his beer at the same time, because dads: