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    15 Times Moms Tweeted What All Working Moms Are Thinking

    "Thank God it's Friday! Just kidding, I'm a parent."

    1. This mom, who knows that "weekends" are in the eye of the beholder:

    2. And this mom, whose kid is, well, the beholder:

    3. This mom, whose exhaustion is less-than-glamorous:

    4. This mom, who knows the most important things:

    5. This mom, who knows what gets her through the day:

    6. And this mom, who's probably not cut out for pep talks:

    7. This mom, who had a little help getting dressed this morning:

    8. This mom, who masters the art of preparation:

    9. This mom, whose kid has made a mark on her life...literally:

    10. This mom, who has an honest excuse:

    11. And this mom, who knows that every fart is precious:

    12. This mom, who grabbed the wrong electronic device:

    13. This mom, who knows that days "off" are never really "off":

    14. This mom, who knows deep down in her heart that all her hard work is appreciated:

    15. And this mom, who just realized her kid will be juuuuuust fine: