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15 Totally Funny Wife Fails That Are Also Really, Really Uncomfortable

They tried, they failed, they laughed about it.

1. This wife, who made her husband a rice penis mold for dinner:

2. This wife, who made her husband some muffins for breakfast:

3. This wife, who tried to sew up a hole in her husband's pants, and gave him, well, a different kind of hole:

4. This wife, who gave her husband a haircut:

5. This wife, who forgot the peanut butter:

6. And this wife, who can't hold up her end of the bargain:

7. This wife, who helped her husband put sunscreen on his back and missed a few spots:

8. This wife, who reheated the pizza:

9. This wife, who couldn't figure out why the underwear she bought her husband were so tight:

10. This wife, who washed — and dryed — her husband's sweater:

11. And this wife, who tried to make her husband a birthday cake:

12. This wife, who's not exactly a hopeless romantic:

13. This wife, who tried to wash her husband's pillow:

14. This wife, who quite literally missed her husband's cry for help:

15. And this wife, who has no idea the kind of situation her husband is in right now: