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    15 Brothers And Sisters Who Didn't Have To Do Their Siblings Like That

    They can be your best friend or your worst troll.

    1. This brother, who got his sister what appears to be a very, very large dildo for Christmas:

    2. This brother, who will never let his family forget his brother's mistakes:

    Okay so my brother got my ENTIRE FAMILY these plain black mugs.... but when they get hot they're COVERED ENTIRELY IN MY MUG SHOT

    3. This sister, who put this very realistic looking fake spider on her sister's drink:

    4. This brother, who literally froze his sister's Christmas gift in a block of ice:

    5. This sister, who mailed her sister the fetal pig she dissected in class:

    6. This brother, who put this painting in his sister's doorway to scare the crap out of her:

    7. This sister, who used plastic wrap to make it a little bit harder for her brother to get around:

    8. And this sister, who replaced her sister's stocking with her dirty sock:

    9. This brother, who got his sister this not-so-sweet Valentine's bouquet:

    10. This sister, who brought her sister a pizza...but not without taking a bite first:

    11. This brother, who wanted to show his sister what happens when you fall asleep watching TV:

    12. This sister, who stuck a maxi pad — with wings — to the window of her sister's car just for fun:

    13. This brother, who put this creepy ass thing in his sister's bed for her to find:

    14. This brother, who stuck this sticker on his sister's car bumper:

    15. And this sister, who made her brother these penis cookies and sent them to his office to share with his coworkers: