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    Updated on Jun 3, 2019. Posted on Jun 3, 2019

    15 Pregnant Women Who Definitely Know How To Dress A Bump

    They definitely know how to style a bump.

    1. This mom, who knows how to slay in a summer maternity dress:

    2. This mom, who knows how to rock shorts and a blazer:

    3. This mom, who makes pregnancy travel look glam in cute sweats:

    4. And this mom, who rocks her bump in a romper like "style" is her middle name:

    5. This mom who looks like a pregnant lady on the town in her super stylish summer frock:

    6. This mom, who is cool and casual in denim and a simple white maternity tee:

    7. This mom, who glows in an off-the-shoulder wiggle dress:

    8. This mom, whose breezy boho-chic look is both pretty and practical for a growing belly:

    9. This mom, who added a headwrap to her full, amazing pregnancy hair.

    10. This mom, who is adorable in a tight skirt and floral bomber jacket:

    11. This mom, who proves pregnant women can totally pull off a sexy dress:

    12. This mom, who is super-cute in a flowy dress and denim jacket:

    13. This mom, who knows how to dress up a casual maternity look:

    14. This mom, whose outfit is lighthearted, fun, and functional:

    15. And this mom, who made everyone's favorite maternity leggings into some totally gorgeous momma slayage:

    Want to see more amazing pregnancy styles? We tried cheap vs. expensive maternity clothes — watch to see what we liked the best!

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