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    15 People Who Pranked The Hell Out Of Their Bosses And Somehow Managed Not To Get Fired

    These people are seriously pushing their luck.

    1. These employees, who decided to sneak this into their boss's ceiling tile:

    2. These employees, who used a decal on the company car to freak their boss out:

    3. This employee, who sent their boss the gift they never asked for:

    Weekend Lollygagger / Via Twitter: @WELollygagger

    "Giant horse phallus dildo enclosed. Do not use without lubrication."

    4. This employee, who did a little redecorating on their boss's cubicle while they were on vacation:

    5. These employees, who tricked their boss by putting out-of-order signs on all the office bathrooms, except this one:

    6. This employee, who added a little something extra to their boss's car:

    7. These employees, who froze their boss's favorite mug in a bowl of Jell-O:

    8. And this employee, who just plain scared the shit out of their boss:

    9. This employee, who covered their boss's phone in rubber bands:

    10. These employees, who made a few adjustments to their boss's work ID:

    11. And this employee, who gave their boss's car a Post-it makeover:

    12. These employees, who got their boss a hilariously worded gift:

    13. This employee, who put googly eyes on their boss's glasses just for fun:

    14. These employees, who welcomed their boss back from vacation in a really, really grand way:

    15. And these employees, who covered their boss's office in pictures...of himself:

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