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14 Photos That Prove Moms Beat The System Every Damn Time

When moms win, we win good.

1. This mom, who played "Cinderella" with her kid to get her to scrub the floors:

2. This mom, who promised her kid she wouldn't stay to watch his golf tryout:

3. This mom, who told her kids that jicama was "cold french fries":

4. And this mom, who's going to catch that kid eventually:

5. This mom, who figured out how to get her kid to take his medicine:

6. This mom, who found a way not to have to share her snack:

7. This mom, who knows what to do with those extra diapers:

8. This mom, who knew how to get some help around the house:

9. And this mom, who will make sure her kids never fake a "sick" day:

10. This mom, who made a little lip scratch into a total mom win:

11. This mom, who found a way to break a bad habit:

12. This mom, who found out her kids were sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve:

13. This mom, who hides chocolate in her coffee cup:

14. And this mom, who knows how to get the "me time" she deserves: