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    17 Kids Who Have Mastered The Art Of Texting

    Is it OK to leave your kids on read? LOL.

    1. This kid, who may have made the most adorable text fail ever:

    elizag88 / Via

    2. This kid, whose real-time updates are realer than yours:

    kmahvan / Via

    3. This kid, whose comedic sense is way beyond her years:

    shutupmoose / Via

    4. This kid, who has no interest in your small talk:

    5. This kid, who wants you to know they have standards:

    meglvr / Via

    6. This kid, who knows how to get your attention:

    heatherebd / Via

    7. And this kid, who never promised you maturity:

    lutefiskcurry / Via

    8. This kid, who's not afraid to play the mom guilt card:

    mkb1119 / Via

    9. This kid, who is extremely direct:

    megannottall / Via

    10. This kid, who is having the crisis of all crises:

    justanitra / Via

    11. This kid, who's really, really hungry:

    lisawebertk1720 / Via

    12. This kid, who — bless their heart — woke up a little worried:

    birdflurn / Via

    13. And this kid, who gives the most millennial kid compliments ever texted:

    14. This kid, who knows how to find common ground with their parents:

    15. This kid, who takes money matters into their own hands:

    ecfroman / Via

    16. This kid, who just wants you to know they're not slacking off:

    tlauto / Via

    17. And this kid, whose threats are totally and completely empty:

    raeonix / Via

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