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    15 Kids Who Will Leave You Scratching Your Head Pretty Hard

    I have some questions for these kids.

    1. This kid, who put ketchup on their pancakes:

    2. This kid, who used their mom's nipple shield as a hat for Spider-Man:

    3. This kid, who ate their way through a lime, skin and all:

    4. This kid, who ate the M&M's out of an M&M's cookie, then put it back in the box:

    5. This kid, who trimmed one of his fingernails into a "crown":

    6. And this kid, whose mom told him to "chill," and he took it literally:

    7. This kid, who sent his mom an important, timely text:

    8. This kid, who wanted a grape-and-mayo sandwich for lunch:

    9. This kid, whose dolls are taking part in some sort of mysterious deal on the stairs:

    10. This kid, who created a horrifying faceless Lego coven:

    11. And this kid, who seems to be having some sort of rubber ducky seance...?

    12. This kid, who ripped all the bristles out of their brush for fun:

    13. This kid, who packed his backpack with the necessities: a pair of pajama bottoms, a Nerf gun, and a potato:

    14. This kid, who prefers to watch movies in a laundry basket, holding an umbrella:

    15. And this kid, who wanted a Tom Selleck cake for her third birthday because, Tom Selleck: