15 Kids Who Are 100% Weird And 200% Genius

    Maybe both, TBH.

    1. This kid, who uses chip clips to achieve her desired hairstyle:

    2. This kid, who wanted the piece she wanted:

    3. This kid, who made a snowman out of his freezer's frost:

    4. This kid, who used a tampon to make Barbie a purse to match her outfit:

    5. And this kid, who may be the greatest inventor of our time:

    Two self inflating whoopee cushions taped to the bottom of his shoes. Fart shoes. #MyKidIsWeird

    6. This kid, who stuffs your clothes in the toilet when you make her mad:

    7. This kid, who knows how to keep people on their toes:

    My daughter brings a checklist to stores now and just makes random checks. It makes everyone uncomfortable.

    8. This kid, who used smelly markers and a fan to make their own room freshener:

    9. This kid, who wanted banana juice:

    10. This kid, who didn't want his balloon to float away:

    11. This kid, who knows the value of privacy:

    My son had his fish tank removed from his room every time he got dressed because he needed privacy. #mykidisweird

    12. This kid, who wears rubber gloves while she eats so her hands don't get dirty:

    13. This kid, who protects her computer turn at all costs:

    Me: "Why are these Legos all over the floor?!" 5: "To keep everyone else away; it's my computer turn." BRILLIANT.

    14. This kid, who knows how to make the most out of a sectional couch:

    15. And this kid, who will outsmart you every single time:

    The most “Shawshank Redemption” story you’ll hear today: My younger son tries to sneak sugar packets out of restaurants and eat them in the car. We’ve taken to checking his pockets, so he stuffed five of them in a hollowed-out breadstick.