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    15 Kids Who Are Figuring Life Out Way Faster Than The Rest Of Us

    They are going places you've never, ever been.

    1. This kid, who gets an A-plus for efficiency:

    This kid is at least 100 years ahead of us.

    2. This kid, who has an escape plan:

    My child asked for a play date with a friend - and then proceeded to come up with an exit strategy. “If I say I’m tired, that means we have to go home and eat snacks.” I’ve never felt more seen and understood and proud than I did in that moment.

    3. These kids, who turned jerseys of the Cleveland Browns’ Nick Chubb into the joke of the century:

    4. This kid, who is living all of our dreams, really:

    They say never meet your heroes so nobody introduce me to the kid at this park who is carrying two snow cones and wearing pajamas

    5. This kid, who knows the difference between wants and needs:

    9-year-old: I need ice cream. Me: Later. 9: I said need, not want.

    6. And this kid, who used a TV appearance to shoot his shot:

    "Has a crush on his teacher (Sup Mrs. Stevens?)"

    7. This kid, who figured out how to swim and snack at the same time:

    this kid living in the future (chip boat)

    8. This kid, who has her priorities straight:

    my daughter’s in her first year of middle school and I asked if she plans to go to any of the dances and she said “only if there’s gonna be food”

    9. This kid, who knows how to get more for his money:

    My friend told his 3 yr old son that he could pick out 1 thing to buy at Walmart. #Outsmarted by a #Toddler

    10. This kid, who knows that your days are numbered:

    My 3 year old asked how long he had to wait until he could stop listening to me. I told him he had to listen to me for the rest of his life. He looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I'll listen to you for the rest of YOUR life." Toddlers are cold-blooded, man.

    11. This kid, who is unapologetically herself whether you like it or not:

    It was princess day at dance and one little girl came as a hot dog I have never admired someone more

    12. This kid, who masters the art of sneakiness:

    The most “Shawshank Redemption” story you’ll hear today: My younger son tries to sneak sugar packets out of restaurants and eat them in the car. We’ve taken to checking his pockets, so he stuffed five of them in a hollowed-out breadstick.

    13. This kid, who knows that honesty is the best policy:

    My son got his report card today and academically he did well but his teacher wrote a note specifying “ he needs to use kind words with friends “ . I asked him about it and he said “ My friends are dumb and they need to know “

    14. This kid, who figured out a new way to get around the airport:

    15. And this kid, who figured out a new way to get around town and will never, ever look back:

    This kid on a long board using a leaf blower to thrust foward is my new hero 😩😩