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    Posted on Oct 20, 2017

    15 Hilariously Inappropriate Kid Drawings That'll Make You Go, "You Trollin' Me, Kid?"

    Oh sweet, sweet little artists...

    1. This totally innocent drawing of a lighthouse on an island:

    tallulahhipp / Via

    2. This kid's sweet family portrait which represents all, uh, members:

    mfgabard / Via

    3. This drawing of a woman doing some gardening...with a shovel:

    Sarah Armstrong / Via

    4. This drawing of a man holding a camera with his very long arm:

    likelyspinster / Via

    5. And perhaps the best depiction of scissors I've ever seen:

    icantwituari / Via

    6. This drawing of a conductor blowing a "special whistle," as conductors do:

    kat_h333 / Via

    That eye for detail, tho.

    7. This drawing of a person with a runny nose, because flu season, guys:

    chalupabatman1980 / Via

    They should really get that checked out.

    8. Oh, and this drawing in case you didn't know that Oliver really likes chicken:

    staceymaysplace / Via

    9. This drawing of a guy who "whacked it off", referencing a pesky fly, of course:

    colored_in_wild / Via

    That hand motion detail...

    10. This totally adorbs drawing of a king and his um, sword:

    holdyerhippogriffs / Via

    11. This detailed masterpiece which encourages you to "dream big," like, really big:

    crafty_gadget / Via

    12. This light-up lantern drawing which is really a sight to behold:

    alittlelovenz / Via

    13. This perfectly timely drawing of a gourd which seems really excited for the fall.

    omgbeckyw / Via

    14. This drawing of a basketball hoop, because what else:

    mickeymouse_judoka / Via

    15. And this drawing, which is probably just a penis:

    ryanglasener / Via

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