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    15 Hilarious Mom Hacks That Are So Goddamn Clever You'll Wish You Thought Of Them

    These moms work smarter, not harder.

    1. This mom, who used a diaper as a coffee sleeve so her fingers wouldn't get too cold:

    2. This mom, who stuck her kid's burrito in a popsicle holder to save herself a mess:

    3. This mom, whose kid couldn't wait for their french fries to cool down, so she thought of a way to help:

    4. This mom, who made a tablet viewing station with a freakin' ziploc bag:

    5. This mom, who made "toast fries" and "jam ketchup" to get her kid to eat their breakfast:

    6. This mom, who super-glued those itty-bitty doll shoes to the itty-bitty dolls' feet so they wouldn't get lost anymore:

    7. And this mom, who — in a bind — made a makeshift diaper out of a grocery bag:

    8. This mom, who used her kid's wheels to bring in all the groceries at the same time:

    9. This mom, who used her baby's old sock to keep her wrapping paper together:

    10. This mom, who hid her M&Ms in her coffee cup, so her kids wouldn't catch on:

    11. This mom, who took the clamps off a pants hanger and used them as chip clips:

    12. This mom, who used command hooks to hang her kids' cups on the water dispenser for easy access:

    13. This mom, who needed to move the table, so she borrowed her kid's skates:

    14. This mom, who used one of those clothing size stickers to keep the Goldfish from going stale:

    15. And finally, this mom, who used her shower caddy to get the relaxation she totally deserves: