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    15 Pregnant Women Who Have Been Hilariously Defeated By Their Cravings

    "If you are wondering how pregnant I am, I'm 7 different kinds of ice cream in the freezer pregnant."

    1. This pregnant woman, who'll eat what she wants when she wants:

    Savannah Grace / Via Twitter: @Sihpromatum

    2. This pregnant woman, who tried, she really tried:

    Jessica Shaut / Via Twitter: @JessShaut

    3. This pregnant woman, who knows the meaning of "well-balanced":

    full metal mommy / Via Twitter: @FullMetalMommy

    4. This pregnant woman, who is the genius the world deserves:

    @OzakiAmanda / Via Twitter: @OzakiAmanda

    5. This pregnant woman, who did what she had to do:

    The Unmaternal Mess / Via Twitter: @TheUnmaternal

    6. This pregnant woman, who needed choices:

    Sarah / Via Twitter: @gatorginger

    7. And this pregnant woman, who refused to make one:

    antoinette antonio / Via Twitter: @antoinetteA

    8. This pregnant woman, who thinks about the future:

    MotherPlaylist / Via Twitter: @MotherPlaylist

    9. This pregnant woman, who always follows the doctor's advice:

    Nicole Karkic / Via Twitter: @NicoleKarkic

    10. This pregnant woman, who knows that when you gotta go, you gotta go:

    Blessed Spouse / Via Twitter: @BlessedSpouse

    11. And this pregnant woman, who dgaf if sharing means caring:

    Moe / Via Twitter: @_Mo_lee_

    12. This pregnant woman, whose craving came on strong as hell:

    Carla TheBubblelush / Via Twitter: @TheBubblelush

    13. This pregnant woman, who had to put in some extra work:

    Renee Souvannarath / Via Twitter: @NayxNay

    14. This pregnant woman, who has her priorities in order:

    full metal mommy / Via Twitter: @FullMetalMommy

    15. And this pregnant woman, who is pretty much every mommy-to-be at the grocery store, ever:

    Jill Krause / Via Twitter: @babyrabies

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