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    15 Married Women Shared Their Wedding Regrets

    "I wish my husband and I had taken engagement pictures beforehand. On our wedding day, he had a hard time getting comfortable in front of the camera."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their wedding regrets with us, and their responses were surprising and real:

    Well, some of our readers chimed in with the things they wish they had done differently at their own weddings, and their responses were just as real:

    1. "I wish I had worn comfortable shoes. My feet ached all the way through my wedding, and as soon as I said 'I do,' I made a mad dash to the bridal suite to kick off those freakin' shoes!"

    2. "Not taking engagement pictures beforehand. My husband and I felt we really didn't need them, so we skipped them to save money. But on our wedding day, my husband had a hard time getting comfortable in front of the camera. An engagement shoot might have helped with that."


    3. "I wish I had chosen my wedding hairstyle according to the weather β€” not the cut of the dress, the shape of my face, or anything in any of the articles online. I was married outside on a foggy, cold day, and while I walked out of my bridal suite with beautiful, polished boho waves, I looked like a wet dog 30 minutes later."

    4. "I wish we hadn't DIY'd so much. Yeah, we saved money, but it kind of sucked to have to run around cleaning up in my wedding dress after our reception instead of hanging out with my husband."


    5. "I was so worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy my reception and dance that I made sure I was on the dance floor at all times. I regret it because I wasn't able to talk to all of my guests, take pictures with people, or even use our photo booth.

    6. "I felt like I needed to invite work people. I didn't."


    "My husband has a lot more friends than I do, so I invited a bunch of former coworkers I hadn't talked to in years. They didn't mess up the wedding or anything, but I felt regret as soon as I put their save-the-dates in the mail. I'd already realized I didn't want them there because they weren't really my friends."


    7. "I wish I had chosen a dress less tight and rigid so I could eat more of our food. I just couldn't fit it in!"

    8. "I regret trying to diet and lose weight for my wedding. I wanted to be that perfect, glowing, thin bride, and I just ended up disappointed in myself that I couldn't stick to a diet. I wish I had been able to see that during wedding planning, I didn't have the time and mental energy to worry about dieting."


    9. "I wear glasses 365 days a year. But I decided to wear contacts the day of our ceremony, and they were itchy and gave me a migraine. I should've just worn my glasses β€” my husband likes me more with them anyway."

    10. "I'm not even a people person, but somehow we had an extravagant, expensive wedding with 150 guests because that's what my mother-in-law wanted. I wish I had done the smaller backyard wedding I wanted."


    11. "I wish I had shopped around more. I was so excited that I had to have everything right away, so I didn't carefully weigh other options. For example, I really wanted a long-sleeved dress but settled for sleeveless because I was just excited to find a dress.

    12. "I had decided not to take my husband's name β€” which we talked about early on β€” but at the rehearsal dinner, I heard his sister calling me disrespectful for not taking his name. And his mother even tried to tell the DJ to ignore what I wanted and introduce us as 'Mr. and Mrs.' anyway! I didn't say anything, so as not to create a scene, but I wish I did. Instead, I spent my wedding day a bundle of anger."


    13. "I assumed the church organist knew how to play without hearing her first. I was so wrong. There were so many wrong notes played that I clench my teeth whenever I watch the video."

    14. "I regret not eating at my wedding."


    15. "I wish I didn't have a wedding. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret getting married β€” I just regret the wedding because it wasn't what we wanted. We spent all this money to throw a wedding for everyone else, and I wish we had just eloped like we wanted to."

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.