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    Updated on Oct 12, 2019. Posted on Oct 5, 2019

    14 Things No One Tells You Could Happen To Your Breasts After Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

    I'm looking at you, nipple hair.

    1. Those super-perky pregnancy boobs you had might totally deflate like balloons:

    2. You might find that your boobs are a little less than even in size now, especially if you're breastfeeding:

    twoboysandtheirbrother / Via

    During breastfeeding, breasts can become lopsided if one breast is expressing milk more frequently than the other. And whether you breastfeed or not, if your breasts were a little lopsided to begin with, they might become even more so during and after pregnancy, because the one with less breast tissue will be less susceptible to the extra hormones.

    3. You could get some brand-new extra mommy cleavage you weren't expecting:

    4. Or you could actually lose a few cup sizes instead:

    whoever told me my boobs would get bigger after i had a kid lied. my boobs are even smaller now πŸ™„

    Whether your breasts get bigger or smaller is determined by factors including genetics, body fat, and age (younger women have denser breasts which are less affected by weight fluctuations.)

    5. A pesky little nipple hair or two might make an unexpected appearance, due to the fluctuation in hormones.


    6. And remember how your nipples changed shape, size, and maybe even color during your pregnancy? They might stay that way for a while.

    @xmermaidmama @mrsjennymolina Same and worst part is the barely go back to normal after pregnancy. My boobs went from small and cute to deflated party hats with a giant piece of salami thrown on top. Pregnancy did me so dirty.

    7. Your post-baby boobs might feel really swollen and sore the first few days after having a baby as they first begin to swell with milk.

    Discovery Channel

    And whether you decide to breastfeed or not, getting your body to stop making milk can result in some pretty painful engorgement.

    8. And those leftover pregnancy stretch marks aren't just for your tummy β€” you might find them on your boobs, too!

    @tayloreagle44 Wait what! After pregnancy I can get stretch marks? Where on my boobs? This is craziness to me

    After all, it's likely that your tummy wasn't the only thing that expanded during pregnancy.

    9. If you're breastfeeding, you might experience lumps in your breasts called mastitis, which are really clogged milk ducts and can be pretty painful.

    10. You even might feel your breasts get really full or even let down milk whenever you hear your baby β€” or anyone else's β€” cry.

    Omg boobs, shut up. Everyone else is sleeping and no one is hungry. Leave me alone. #breastfeeding

    11. Your veins could become more visible due to increased blood flow to the area:

    12. Or you could suffer from painful cracked nipples:

    lollbourne / Via

    Adjusting your baby's nursing position and/or nipple cream can help!

    13. And you might even experience random boob leakage if you go too long without expressing your milk:

    14. Yes, even at random times, like during sex.

    That awkward moment when you're having sex with your husband and your boobs leak #postpartumwoes #breastfeedingprobs πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚ #realtalk

    Turns out, the hormone released during sexual stimulation and orgasm β€” oxytocin β€” is the same one that triggers letdown, so that's fun.

    But no matter what changes your boobs β€” and the rest of your body β€” undergoes when you become a mom, remember you rock, Momma! All of you rocks.


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