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    14 Dads Who Are Way, Way Smarter Than You'll Ever Be

    Ain't no shame in their game.

    1. This dad, who came up with a genius barbecue safety hack for kids:

    2. This dad who didn't want to dirty another dish, so threw some eggs on the waffle iron, too:

    3. This dad, who figured out how to warm the baby's bottle on the go:

    4. This dad, who made sure the baby couldn't get into trouble:

    5. And this dad, who has absolutely no shame in his recycling game:

    6. This dad, who had a brilliant idea for a ponytail holder:

    7. This dad, who will keep you from showing your ass:

    8. This dad, who forgot the socks, but remembered his pockets:

    9. This dad, who forgot his sunhat, so used the baby carrier instead:

    10. This dad, who used an Ikea chip clip as an easy hair clip:

    11. This dad, who tried to DIY a baby gate out of whatever was lying around:

    12. This dad, who knew how to keep the bouquet safe:

    13. This dad, who used the bottle warmer to warm his coffee:

    14. And this dad, who found a way to hold the baby and drink his beer, because dad life: