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    13 Horrifyingly Awkward Pregnancy Sex Moments That'll Make You Go, "Just Don't Touch Me Ever."

    If it's hot, it's the hormones.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their funniest pregnancy sex moment and the responses were all at once hilarious and horrifying:

    1. "I was a week overdue when my husband and I decided to use a sex toy. But after pulling it out of me, my husband stopped with a worried look on his face, saying there was blood and 'a weird something' else on it. I looked for myself and realized my mucus plug came out with it."


    "My husband was so grossed out that he jumped off me and ran away."


    2. "While I was pregnant with my first, I got super nauseous, and without stopping the sex, just leaned over to the trash can next to the bed and vomited. Kinda killed the mood, though."


    —Steph Pavlic, Facebook

    3. "My husband and I were in the middle of awkwardly positioned sex when the baby just started kicking like crazy! My belly was rippling with the imprints of tiny hands and feet. My husband and I looked at each other in horror! I yelled, 'That's it! I'm done!' and he said, 'Me too!' We did nothing more than cuddle for the rest of the pregnancy."


    4. "I was 36 weeks pregnant when we were fooling around and I suddenly covered my partner in liquid. Naturally, I thought my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. Imagine how embarrassing it was to find out that I had only squirted on my partner! The nurse was in tears laughing!"


    5. "I was eight months pregnant and feeling hot, so I put on some lingerie from before I was pregnant to showcase my big ol' boobs. But when things got hot and heavy, my boyfriend tried to take my top off and it got stuck – my belly was too big to push it down, and my boobs were too big to pull it up over my head. So I started to panic, my arms in the air, as he's tugging and tugging, and then my boobs started leaking breast milk. Every time he tugged, I squirted. When he finally managed to get the top off, I was crying and we were both covered in sticky breastmilk. It was a major fail."



    6. "I was six months along, on top, and really enjoying myself when I started to orgasm and straight up peed on my boyfriend! He assumed I had just squirted, and I didn't have the heart to tell him it was actually pee. So we finished up in the shower to cover my tracks."


    7. "I was six months pregnant, on top, and feeling a little self-conscious because my belly was really popping out at that point. I started sobbing right in the middle of sex, because I was sure I heard my partner laughing at me when he was actually just clearing his throat. Suffice it to say that the mood was killed for the night. Damn hormones."

    8. "Once at the end of my pregnancy with my first daughter, my husband could see our baby moving around in my belly during sex – he could even make out her little feet and knees. I had to put a blanket over my belly because it was making him nauseous."


    9. "I was living at my mom's house and my boyfriend and I were having sex, when my mom got home early from work. We were rushing to put our clothes on just as she walked into the room. She only caught the tail end of me pulling my pants up, but she got the gist and ignored me for the rest of the day. Well, I went into labor that evening, and it was a very awkward car ride...and delivery."


    10. "The baby kicked my husband on top of this head while he was going down on me. Needless to say, we didn't really do it much after that."

    11. "I didn't know I was pregnant yet when we rented a cabin for a romantic birthday weekend. Things got sexy and we made our way to the bed, and I was on top of him when morning sickness struck for the first time. I ended up projectile vomiting all over him, myself, the bed, the nightstand, and the hallway as I stumbled towards the bathroom."

    Warner Bros.

    12. "My water broke during sex. It was all over the place. My husband said it looked like a crime scene."

    13. "My worried husband kept making me change positions, thinking we were suffocating the baby. We finally just gave up."



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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.