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Why Upstate NY Ruins You For Life

For once, we will completely ignore the downstate phenomenon that is "New York City," and we will focus on the more badass mother f$%ers upstate.

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We have stuff up here too, ya know

We've all heard it, from foreigners to West Coast-ers, you name it. Tell any of these simpletons you reside in the great state of New York and they react accordingly: "ERMAHGERD, did you totally grow up inside the Statue of Liberty and eat dinner with Billy Joel every night while your parents worked at the Empire State Building and you attended Julliard?!"

I wish.

1. Pushing the Limits of the English Language

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"What do you mean Skaneateles is pronounced Skinny-Atlas?!" Read it and weep... No really, you might start weeping trying to say some of these names right. Us Upstate New Yorkers will out-spell you in ANY spelling bee that completely discards all the rules of the ABC's.

3. Fall

Fall is a privilege that not many peons in other states can experience year after year. Its that time where you can wear jeans and a sweater and not want to die while being outside. *Be Warned* Fall is a gateway season to....winter.

7. Finger Lakes

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Ocean, who? That's right, these freshwater babies are situated right in central New York, surrounded by wineries and some of the most incredible foliage. They also bring in a ton of campers, boaters, Instagrammers, and the like. A day at any of these beauties is truly incredible.

8. The Natural Wonder that is Niagara Falls

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Ah yes, one of the greatest natural wonders arguably in the northeast is Niagara Falls. The place that draws in thousands of tourists per day is quite the site to see. Even after living near it for so long, you never get used to it's boundless beauty.

Disclaimer: the Canadian side is actually better and does give you a better view, but there is a bridge you can walk (that's right, skip right on into another country) or drive over to enjoy. Just remember your passport.

9. Eating Garbage... Willingly

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The Garbage Plate, is a Rochester-based phenomenon that has captured the hearts, and digestive systems, of a lot of upstate New Yorkers. Traditionally, its home fries and mac salad, topped with a burger or hot dog, with ketchup, mustard, onions and the famous meat sauce. The variation has been changed at several Rochester restaurants. They love garbage plates so much, the minor league baseball team even changed their name for a game this past summer.

10. Picking Your Own Apples Until the End of Time

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Buying apples at a grocery store? NONSENSE. We upstate New Yorkers will do this hard labor all on our own! At least, between the months of September-November, or until the snow comes. It's our thing, we love apple orchards, we love the ones that have breweries/ wineries in them even more, it's just who we are.

11. Forever Having Competing Sports Teams

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Living in a state that has three NFL teams, two NBA teams, two NHL teams and two MLB teams can make for one messy situation. While the NBA and MLB rest mostly in the hands of downstate New Yorkers, the divide is large with FOOTBALL. Some of the state lives and breathes for the Jets, prays for Eli Manning to get another ring with the Giants, or cries uncontrollably over the Bills each season. You'll never find two New Yorkers with similar views on sports (or anywhere I guess, whatever this is about NY).

12. Drive-Ins

Take a step back in time and feel just like Danny and Sandy in that rusty old car. These dying outdoor movie theaters are few and far between in the country, but upstate New York has managed to hold on to 23 of them. With the same cartoon advertisements and a playground that was likely built in 1955, this is a night of nostalgia that holds dear to many New Yorker's hearts.

13. Finally, feeling like you're in a different dimension in NYC

It's hard to believe that an astonishing amount of people living in New York have never been to New York City. And if they have, it feels like an entirely different place. With our cushy, lake lives in smaller cities upstate, we only know wide open spaces and lower cost of living. But make no mistake, upstate New Yorkers are an entirely different breed than downstate. And we like to never let anyone forget that.

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