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    • ashumana

      @Britt - I think the article severely underestimates the memory of young people! A lot of 18-24 year olds growing up WOULD have heard the yodel (if you were watching TV, certainly!), and even if that wasn’t beside the point (and it is), many 18-24 year olds were at least familiar with Yahoo through their parents. And they certainly used Yahooligans in school/to fool around! And I would think many young people went on to have their first email addresses as kids on Yahoo as well. I think there’s this tendency to assume that until a certain age, kids were kept behind a floodgate and then released to the internet en masse, and it just doesn’t hold true, especially as the internet grew to become an important part of our culture. So even without talking about Yahoo’s track record, I don’t think it’s that Yahoo is a “blank slate” per se—it’s that Yahoo is a service most young people haven’t touched since they were kids and probably wouldn’t now, and for them to become reacquainted with it, obviously there would be a lot of resistance as the internet (and young people) have grown up since.

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