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Are you still finding a toilet seat in the dark?

In the night when you are wake up and go the toilet then many people face the problem to find the toilet seat. who visits the bathroom at night, and doesn't want to turn on a light. I personally don't like to turn on a bathroom light, if I wake up at night because it wakes me up too much and then it's difficult to get back to sleep. this is the most common problem and is you till finding a toilet seat in the dark so that is the time to make some upgrade, and what we can upgrade? The answer is Hillmax Toilet Seat Night Light.This is a really a very amazing product and an art innovation, it is made easy to find a toilet seat in the night. it is bright enough at night when entering your bathroom without turning on any light. Especially for kids they will love it and no longer feel afraid to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night alone

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Why choose Hillmax Toilet Seat Night Light


Yes, there is many products in the market but they are not good and trusted as Hillmax Toilet Seat Night Light this product have many great quality and also it is become very popular in the toilet seat night light market.the battery life of this product is amazing and much better for other toilet seat night lights.

What is the key feature and quality’s


•MOTION AND LIGHT SENSOR: Smartly activates water-resistant LED light when motion is detected. Turns off automatically when the light is detected or when you leave No more stumbling around in the bathroom and no more missing the toilet.

•FLEXIBLE HANGER: Flexible arm is designed to stay situated on any size and shape of a toilet. Adjust the hanger to get the perfect fit.

•COLOR CHANGING: Pick between 1 of 8 LED colors or choose to rotate through them all! The color will rotate every 15 seconds, for a total of 2 minutes of different colors,

•WATER RESISTANT: The unit is wrapped in protective silicone, making it water resistant to prevent any shorts or loss of light due to a toilet flush or splash,

•ENERGY SAVING: Powered by 4 x AAA batteries (Included), very easy to install and change; new, efficient technology extend battery lifetime.

I think he is a true value for money product and you should try this once so why you are waiting for order now.

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