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    10 Rooms That Prove Maximalism Is The New Minimalism

    Less is more? No, less is a BORE!

    Has a concerned friend ever suggested that you get rid of some of your clutter or consider downsizing? And in the back of your mind, you thought, "Ok, but what would I possibly do with clean white walls, without my hundreds of little knickknacks?"

    If so, you, my friend, might just be... a Maximalist! Out with the repressed shame of filling our rooms with pointless yet somehow meaningful objects that bring us joy. We're here to validate that mixing colors, patterns, and textures that shouldn't work but do is 100% ok! Minimalism is, like... SO last season, and here are 10 rooms that prove it.

    Amy Sedaris in her New York city apartment which is decorated in a maximalist style

    1. This seaside ~vibes~ dining area

    2. The perfect bathroom oasis

    3. No animals were hurt in the making of this aesthetic

    4. If I had three wishes, one of them would be for this room

    5. Get creative in this colorful craft room

    6. This is the entryway of my dreams

    7. Everything about this room is the epitome of cool

    8. Say bye, bye to cookie-cutter kitchens

    9. Never a bad time for an abstract way to dine

    10. And finally, this cozy cottage for all my cottagecore connoisseurs

    So, next time someone says that you need to get rid of stuff, kindly tell them to return their empty homes and let you enjoy your goblin nest of treasures!