26 Paleo Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Your taste buds will sing. It’s scientifically proven.

1. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes

Adriana Harlan / Via livinghealthywithchocolate.com

Inspired by chocolate covered strawberries, these grain-free cupcakes will give you a new perspective on Paleo.

2. Samoa Donuts

Jenni Hulet / Via urbanposer.blogspot.com

It’s like a Girl Scout cookie but better. Get the recipe here.

3. Mango Lime Gelatin Gummies

Paleo Leap / Via paleoleap.com

These tasty alternatives to fruit snacks will make you wish your mom had made these when you were a kid.

4. Paleo Cocoa Puffs

Brittany Angell / Via paleomg.com

Step one: get recipe. Step two: jump for joy.

5. Hummingbird Bread

Juli Bauer / Via paleomg.com

Like Paula Deen’s. Minus the eighteen pounds of butter. Come to mama.

6. Chai Spice Coconut Flour Cupcakes

Adriana Harlan / Via urbanposer.blogspot.com

No words. Just go.

7. Paleo Cookie Butter

Wicked Good Kitchen / Via wickedgoodkitchen.com

Spread it on fruit for a special treat, or eat it by itself. Recipe here.

8. Broiled Grapefruit

Paleo Leap / Via paleoleap.com

A quick, easy dessert that will please even the pickiest of eaters (read: children).

9. Triple Almond Cookies

Eileen’s Everyone Eats Right / Via everyoneeatsright.com

These cookies are probably the cutest thing you’ll eat all day.

10. Coconut Chocolate Coffee Cake

Real Food Liz / Via realfoodliz.com

As a breakfast or treat, this coffee cake will brighten up any day.

11. Cinnamon and Coconut Pancakes

Nom Nom Paleo / Via nomnompaleo.com

If you don’t want this, you are wrong.

12. Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream

Jenny Castaneda / Via paleofoodiekitchen.com

A unique blend of flavors that everyone will love. Get the recipe here.

13. Paleo Sex In A Pan

Grok Grub / Via grokgrub.com

Get your mind out of the gutter! This delectable dessert will leave you perfectly satisfied.

14. No-Bake Mini Pumpkin Bites

Katja at Savory Lotus / Via savorylotus.com

Pumpkin isn’t just for fall. You can devour these tiny little treats any time of year!

15. Paleo Lemon Bars

Taylor Made It Paleo / Via taylormadeitpaleo.com

Just like Grandma used to make. Get the recipe here.

16. Watermelon Pineapple Ice Pops

Danielle Walker / Via againstallgrain.com

A perfect treat for those hot summer days!

17. Paleo Graham Crackers

Hayley Ryczek / Via healthstartsinthekitchen.com


18. Blueberry Cream Pie

GI 365 / Via gi365.info

Just look that this. Don’t you want it?

19. Spiced Autumn Apples Baked in Brandy

Paleo Grubs / Via paleogrubs.com

Read that title again and I dare you not to make this. Click here for the recipe!

20. Paleo Chocolate Truffles

Nom Nom Paleo / Via nomnompaleo.com

Paleo chocolates? Didn’t think it was possible, did ya?

21. “Instant” Pumpkin Ice Cream

Danielle Walker / Via againstallgrain.com

So easy a caveman could do it. Maybe. Get the recipe here.

22. Paleo Raspberry Cheesecake

Cave Girl In The City / Via cavegirlinthecity.com

So this “cheesecake” doesn’t actually contain any cheese, or dairy for that matter—but you won’t even miss it!

23. Almond Butter Banana Pudding

Civilized Caveman Cooking / Via civilizedcavemancooking.com

I want to swim in this dessert forever.

24. Vanilla Bean Cupcakes With Mocha Buttercream

A Calculated Whisk / Via acalculatedwhisk.com

This is all the flavors I’ve ever wanted put into one cupcake. Does it get any better?

25. Avocado Banana Chocolate Cookies

Paleo Leap / Via paleoleap.com

*sheds single tear*
Get the recipe here.

26. Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding

Stupid Easy Paleo / Via stupideasypaleo.com

The chia seeds in this chilled pudding create a strangely satisfying texture.

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