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15 Times Tyler Joseph And Josh Dun From Twenty One Pilots Were Ultimate Best Friend Goals

♫ I'll put you on the map, I'll cure you of disease ♫

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1. Their super cute birthday celebrations and instagram messages.

Instagram: @joshuadun

2. The time Josh was a perfect third-wheel to Tyler and Jenna.

Even though we all know he's a perfect third wheel all the time.

3. All the times they made other people third-wheel when they're with them #Joshler5Ever.

4. The time they got each other's names tattooed on them while on stage.

Instagram: @joshuadun

5. They're short-lived selfie-stick phase.

Instagram: @joshuadun

6. All those times they weren't able to stay away from each other, even if it meant sitting right on top of one another.

Instagram: @joshuadun

7. All the times they make fun of Tyler for being the lead singer and Josh for being the drummer.

Instagram: @joshuadun

8. Those times they went out of their way to match with each other.

Instagram: @joshuadun

9. The time they successfully and impressively worked out together on the elliptical.

10. The "extreme phone pinching series" on Vine.

11. All those times they vined each other vining each other...vining each other vining each other....

12. All the times they've kicked each other out of the band.

13. When Tyler said his favorite song to play was Lane Boy because he could watch Josh play the drums.

14. All the times Josh has proven he's Tyler's biggest fan.

15. The time they held hands while running through the rain.

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