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15 Reasons Camila Cabello Should Always Be Your WCW

"I love love. I'm like, obsessed with it."

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1. She's gorgeous. Like, how is this humanly possible?

2. She has an incredible relationship with her younger sister. ADORBS.

3. She can give some pretty great life advice...

4. ...but still be a 5-year-old at heart.

5. She has a phenomenal voice. It's insanely out of this world.

6. She's an absolute dork, which gives us more confidence to be dorks. Embrace your weirdness!!

again, apologies to that girl who touched my leg in the front row. i didn't shave yesterday. or the day before. winter is coming. love you.

7. She talks about love like it's the most magical thing on the planet. Which it is. We all love love.

8. She inspires us to change the world.

Camila, you are changing the world. Thank you.

9. She treats her fans like they're her best friends.

10. Just look at her doing her thing. She's a rockstar.

11. She's a big goofball.

12. But she can turn up when she needs to. YOU GO, GIRL.

13. She can take pictures in the middle of the road and make it look like a completely natural thing.

14. She fangirls over celebs just like we do. We know the feeling Camila. We understand.

15. And last but not least, she's a part of this spectacular group called Fifth Harmony.


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