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Eight Movie Facts I Learned From Allen West

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) believes that waterboarding is an effective form of interrogation. One of the reasons cited was the breaking and successful waterboarding of Demi Moore's character in G.I. Jane. Looking quickly over a few other movies, here are some other now known facts.

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New flying tanks will help defend our skies. Takes a bit of training to land safely, but that's true of all aircraft.


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Refrigerators are adequate protection from a nuclear blast. The Cold War could easily have been won by mass producing these for every American citizen.



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Some fairly big sharks can bring down helicopters. I know some of you are thinking "Wha? That's bullshit! That only happens in the movies.". Well, it may very well be in the movies, but here is a clip showing it. Facts, bitches. Deal with them.


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Someone took the last parachute? No problem, jump out after them, catch them in midair and ride down with them. Or is it ride on them?


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It is proven fact that Martians can not withstand the awesome power that is Slim Whitman. I'm not spiciest or anything, I have alien friends, but take that you green bastards. ( I couldn't embed the Indian Love Call version)


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Well, okay, water kills some aliens too. I know, I know, crazy, but it shows it right here. It's fact, folks, I'm not making this stuff up.


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Tyrannosaurus ; meaning "tyrant lizard", from Greek tyrannos (τυράννος) meaning "tyrant," and sauros (σαύρος) meaning "lizard") is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. Well guess what? They eat lawyers. Pretty damn amazing. I would have been sad if this was Ted the lawyer from Scrubs :(


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No matter what the number, no matter what the odds, someone with a heart set for revenge can accomplish anything. It's heart that matters, it's determination that wins. Because failure means you should never have tried in the first place.

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