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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Since 1927

The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has been a tradition of Thankgiving for decades. It started out as a way for the employees of Macy's to say thank you to New York. Macy's started using balloons in their parade in 1927 and it has been tradition since. Here's part 1 featuring balloons from 1927 to 1968.

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"The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade dates as far back as the 1920's, when Macy's employees, many of whom were immigrants, began this tradition in an attempt to connect with American culture by celebrating Thanksgiving."

Balloon years, when given, come from various sources, including Wikipedia and Macy's website itself. Some have no name or date and a guess was made as to what year they may have appeared.

This is by no means comprehensive as there are most likely many balloons, especially early on that are not included.

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1927 Felix the Cat

Macy's used to release the balloons after the parade was over. Tickets were attached with a reward of $100 for the return of the balloons. That was a fairly nice reward. As an example, a cost around that time period, for a new stove could range from $30 to $60. A nice radio could cost $15 or a new ice box about $30.


Unknown Father Knickerbocker

Father Knickerbocker is a pen named used by Washington Irving, who wrote the first history of New York and was Manhattan's first best seller. The then 26-year-old, used the name Diedrich Knickerbocker, "Diedrich" meaning "father" in Dutch, and a note by Irving in the book, indicating Knickerbocker meant to nod or doze over books.


Part 2, tomorrow. But no promises.

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