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    Christmas Themed Tattoos

    Stuck on thinking of a gift for someone? How about a Christmas tattoo? In this case, literally. Quite a few of these tattoos are from the animated classic "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". Those particular tattoos were created at All or Nothing tattoo and art studios, in Atlanta, Georgia where they gave each other Christmas tattoos. The name of the artist is given for each tattoo when found. Please add your own and the name of the artist if known.

    • Tim Orth

    • Tim Orth

    • Nikko Hurtado

    • Josh Woods

    • Jarred @Mr. Natural's

    • Stelios - Eternal Tattoos

    • Jason Gone

    • Lenny Renkin

    • Tim Orth

    • Tim McGrath

    • Dave Tedder

    • Kris Dilworth

    • Chris Vennekamp

    • Dave Tedder

    • Lenny Renken

    • Sean Herman

    • Josh Woods

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