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10 Reasons I Appreciate Turtlefeed

I'm posting this on behalf of turtles everywhere who are notoriously bad at using the internet without help.

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  • 1. I never knew there was a difference between a turtle and a tortoise

    As in this case (checks reference manual) it's a...(checks again)...a..(one more time to be sure)'s a tortoise, because it has a dome shell. And here is my reference manual. Which I found months ago because of Turtlefeed. Tortoise vs Turtle

  • 2. I have a reason to look for Ninja Turtle pictures

    Turtlefeed has posted everything I send that I find. Which reminds me, I owe Turtlefeed some posting material.

  • 3. I know more about what turtles eat and how they live

    I really thought turtles just eat grass and occasional bugs. Strawberries? Really?? Not to mention all the other things that turtles do that I had no idea about.

  • 4. Believe it or not Turtlefeed knows comic books

    If I ever need reference about comic books or the comic book industry, I can check Wikipedia or Turtlefeed. Either one is sufficient. However only one will give their opinion on why you would spend money on an Alpha Flight comic book, when that money would have been better spent on a turtle charity.

  • 5. I'm not a big fan of the celebrites

    While I can appreciate Lindsay Lohan's misadventures, I'm thankful for geeky animal fun provided by Turtlefeed.

  • 6. I now have a turtle category on my Stumble favorites

    I love using Stumble!(never sure what the punctuation should be of something that already has punctuation). And now my favorites include a category for new turtle posts. Okay, I can't say for sure that was because of Turtlefeed but I'm going to credit her for it anyway :D

  • 7. I can always count on Turtlefeed to remind me Mario is keeping the turtle down

    Turtlefeed is like a turtle Malcom X. Except, I've been given the privilege of being able to call her by her human name rather than her turtle name.

  • 8. Ask a park ranger or ask Turtlefeed

    Want to know very detailed facts about turtles? Turtlefeed will know. Although, park rangers do have awesome uniforms. BTW, this turtle had just finished laying 12 nests of eggs and still had to pose for this picture.

  • 9. Turtlefeed reminds me of why the environment is important

    I'm not exactly the most green person. Yet, I've grown up around wildlife that most people only see in Zoos. Turtlefeed reminds me that the environment for some wildlife is fragile. It would be a sad world indeed if these creatures were to disappear because of the negligence of humans.

  • 10. Because Turtlefeed is just awesome

    Even for those posts that are not turtle related, they are still terrific. Plus, you will be hard pressed to find a more considerate person on Buzzfeed. It would also be hard to find others as supportive as Turtlefeed in helping others with posts or advice. Thank you Turtlefeed. You are very appreciated.