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15 Great Love Songs From Film

To set the mood for Valentine's Day, a list of love songs from films. I'm not saying these are necessarily the best love songs from movies, but they are my favorites. With Valentine's Day in mind, I also dedicate every single one of them, to my wife Christina.

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  • 1. You Belong To Me-Tori Amos

    Mona Lisa Smile

  • 2. Ride-Cary Brothers

    The Last Kiss

  • 3. Against All Odds-The Postal Service

    Wicker Park

  • 4. Arrested By You-Rupert Hine

    Better Off Dead

  • 5. So Close-Jon Mclaughlin


  • 6. Come What May-Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor

    Moulin Rouge!

  • 7. Take My Breath Away-Berlin

    Top Gun

  • 8. Summer Nights-John Travolta and Oliva Newton John


  • 9. Teenage Dirtbag-Wheatus


  • 10. Love Song For a Vampire-Annie Lennox

    Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • 11. In Your Eyes-Peter Gabriel

    Say Anything

  • 12. You Are Not Alone-Patty Griffin

    Niagara Niagara

  • 13. Fade Into You-Mazzy Star


  • 14. Crazy For You-Madonna

    Vision Quest

  • 15. Mindy Smith-One Moment More

    The Notebook

  • 16. The Promise-Tracy Chapman

    Not in any film I know of, but I really wanted to include this one anyway.