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    15 LGBTQ YouTubers Brie Larson Should Collab With

    I'd marvel at these collabs!

    We all know Brie Larson — she stars as the one and only Captain Marvel in the MCU and, of course, won an Oscar for her performance in Room back in 2016.

    Red carpet photo of Brie Larson
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    But, did you know that she actually launched her own YouTube channel a few months ago?

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    Brie Larson /

    Since launching her channel, she has made it a space for anti-racist rhetoric and inclusive content, in between her home workouts, makeovers, audition stories, and collaborations, so I have to stan... as well as provide a very gay list of all the YouTubers I'd love to see her collab with next!

    1. Rickey Thompson

    Rickey Thompson talking on his channel
    Rickey Thompson /

    If Brie ever finds herself bored in the house and in the house bored, Rickey is definitely the person to go to if she wants to get out and needs road trippin' suggestions. Or if she ever just needs to release any built-up energy during a carefree dance sesh (on camera), he is also THE expert in that field.

    Check out Rickey Thompson's YouTube channel here.

    2. Stevie Boebi aka Stevie

    Stevie Boebi talking on her channel
    Stevie Boebi /

    If Brie is looking to expand her activism and learn more about people with disabilities, Stevie does a great job at being open and sharing her experience with her disabilities (including EDS and POTS), along with actively supporting those alike!

    Check out Stevie's YouTube channel here.

    3. Zach Campbell

    Zach Campbell reacting to Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug's "Don't Stop" music video
    Zach Campbell /

    This YouTuber gained quite the fanbase with his funny AF reactions to music videos — from BLACKPINK's "Lovesick Girls," all the way to Megan Thee Stallion's "Captain Hook." And ngl, I'd 100% like to see his reaction to Brie's "She Said" vid... you know, that very 00's hit she came out with over a decade ago.

    Check out Zach Campbell's YouTube channel here.

    4. Frederic Chen

    Frederic Chen shaving his head on camera
    Frederic Chen /

    The South Carolina native is known for being a hot mess, in between bleaching his hair and getting impulsive tattoos, and, well, if Brie wants to dye (or do something regrettable to) her hair, I think she should totally team up with this guy.

    Check out Frederic Chen's YouTube channel here.

    5. Thomeography

    A still from Thomeography's channel
    Thomeography /

    As Brie's been looking for ways to get a good workout in at home, I might suggest lifting those feet and grooving to the beat! And the right person who could help her do just that is definitely this "eternal student of rhythm and movement" right here, aka that superstar who went viral for their impressive choreo to Chloe x Halle's "Baby Girl."

    Check out Thomeography's YouTube channel here.

    6. Jazz Jennings

    A portrait of Jazz Jennings
    Jazz Jennings /

    As Brie is looking to have those deeper conversations about inclusivity and intersectionality, I would love to see her use her platform to boost the voices of awesome young LGBTQ rights activists like 20-year-old Jazz.

    Check out Jazz Jennings' YouTube channel here.

    7. Lilly Singh

    Lilly Singh envisioning her future and pressing her fingers to both her temples
    Lilly Singh /

    How cool would it be if the former Superwoman of YouTube teamed up with Captain Marvel for a video?! I mean, surely Lilly would take a break from her talk show and hop back online if it meant providing us with the entertainment and empowerment we all need, especially now!

    Check out Lilly Singh's YouTube channel here.

    8. Hannah Hart aka MyHarto

    Hannah Hart in her kitchen holding a bottle of wine
    Hannah Hart /

    "My Drunk Kitchen" (produced by MyHarto) is one of the most entertaining series on YouTube to date, and honestly if Brie is already going to be in her kitchen showing us how to make vegetarian crunch wraps, then she should just go ahead and invite Hannah over right now!

    Check out MyHarto's YouTube channel here.

    9. Jade Fox aka JADE FOX

    Jade Fox talking on her channel
    Jade Fox /

    The internet star is a gay culture/pop culture expert and is quite possibly THE funniest YouTuber I've come across. She speaks nothing but facts on a weekly basis and never fails to provide a safe (and fun) space for Black queer folks. She is also always down to collab with other creatives, including our very next YouTuber on the list...

    Check out JADE FOX's YouTube channel here.

    10. Cammie Scott

    Cammie Scott talking on her podcast
    Cammie Scott /

    Just this year, the celesbian diverted from her usual self care and beauty routines, to a more race and politics-focused course, which she discusses in her new podcast "Uneducated." This is similar to what Brie intends on using her channel for, so it would be interesting to see what happens when white allies come together.

    Check out Cammie Scott's YouTube channel here.

    11. Quenlin Blackwell

    Quenlin Blackwell smiling at the camera
    Quenlin Blackwell /

    Do we even need a reason for this collab idea? Quenlin is hands down one of the quirkiest people on the internet, whether she's waxing her legs on camera, or reacting to her old cringe-y Facebook posts. Anyway, we have no doubt her supreme comedy would be a great addition to Brie's already silly personality.

    Check out Quenlin Blackwell's YouTube channel here.

    12. Nikkie de Jager aka NikkieTutorials

    Nikkie de Jager applying orange lipstick to match her eyeshadow
    NikkieTutorials /

    Honestly, what might be even more fun than a home makeover (as seen on Brie's channel), would be a full face makeover! Of course, Brie is already such a stunner, but (again) in case she ever does get too bored in quarantine and wishes to get real creative with her look, I have no doubt she (and the rest of us) could learn a thing or two about heavy glam from pro beauty vlogger, Nikkie!

    Check out NikkieTutorial's YouTube channel here.

    13. Ebony & Denise aka Team2Moms

    Ebony and Denise smiling at the camera
    Team2Moms /

    No doubt, if Brie had this family on her channel, the wholesome meter would probably just explode! Ebony and Denise have been together for 12 years and have been documenting their fun times with their three adorable kids on YouTube for 7 years now, which is exactly the kinda gay content I like to subscribe to.

    Check out Team2Moms' YouTube channel here.

    14. Troye Sivan

    Troye Sivan sharing a glimpse of his face in his vlog
    Troye Sivan /

    OK, the pop star may no longer be the most active YouTuber, BUT to my knowledge, Brie and Troye are mutual friends of Haim AND have both been invited to the band's exclusive events in the past, SO I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little curious about what else these two stars may have in common...

    Check out Troye Sivan's YouTube channel here.

    15. Eugene Lee Yang of The Try Guys

    A portrait of Eugene Lee Yang
    Eugene Lee Yang /

    Brie has been doing a lot of learning and trying new things on her channel so far, and well, if you've subscribed to The Try Guys at all, then you know they are willing to try practically anything for the audience's entertainment, so why not have the other-worldly warrior try something cool for the first time with Eugene and his friends!?

    Check out The Try Guys' YouTube channel here.

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