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    30 Affordable Walmart Products That’ll Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New

    Because DIY painted cabinets are fun, but so is buying new cute kitchen stuff and you don't even have to get your hands dirty.

    1. A French press coffee maker to appeal to your Parisian sensibilities and help you make your mornings feel more cafe-chill instead of running-out-the-door-panicky.

    someone pouring coffee from the press

    2. A three-piece pub set that is compact and perfect for kitchen eating. Why should only celebs get to watch the chef cook from a close-but-safe distance? Invite family and friends to behold your fancy cooking skills with court side (er, stove side?) seats.

    the pub set

    3. A gold-tone rolling bar cart because nothing says Gilded Age Fancy like offering someone "a drink from the cart." You'll feel like the Gilmore Girls at Friday night dinners everyday of the week with this rolled in your kitchen.

    the bar cart with beverages and glasses on the bottom and dishes on the top shelf

    4. A steel nonstick wok reviewers say is worth every penny and too pretty to put in a cabinet.

    black steel nonstick wok

    5. A Zevo flying insect trap because you know can make your kitchen feel brand new overnight? NO MORE ANNOYING BUGS. I've had one of these in my kitchen for years because — as you can see — fruit flies are the bane of my existence. Super non-gross to change out the sticky pad, and the little buggers are drawn in by the light rather than me having to worry about spraying pesticide in the same place where I make my food.

    6. A wood kitchen pantry that is chic and storage friendly. Put extra ingredients, tableware, or folded kitchen linens behind the cute sliding barn doors and banish clutter from your precious countertop space.

    A wooden pantry

    7. A gorgeous air fryer whose sleek and easily navigable look will appeal hardcore to anyone who got their start in Easy Bake Ovens.

    the air fryer

    8. A 6-quart Instant Pot Duo that I can personally attest is worth the cash. We got rid of our rice maker because this was so much easier to use and saved cabinet space!

    the instant pot next to spaghetti

    9. A Cuisinart food processor that makes it easier for you to chop and dice and basically stores itself when you're through! (Reviewers report that the attachments can all fit in the bowl for storage.)

    10. A countertop herb garden because you deserve the freshest ingredients, and what's fresher than "I just plucked this myself from my kitchen counter?"

    the black countertop herb garden

    11. An under-sink water filter to help get rid of ick toxins from the water you drink and use for cooking. (Psst: Try this home water quality test kit before and after installation to see the difference!)

    An under-sink water filter on a white background.

    12. An 18-piece food storage container set that I personally endorse because there are few things I can stand less than stained food storage that forever looks like it has spaghetti sauce in it. (Had these for literal YEARS and they've not stained once.)

    13. A new pull-down kitchen faucet with a pot filler so you can expedite the time between you pre-pasta and the moment when you are sitting on the couch with your pasta. And nothing says "my kitchen looks different in a good way" than new sink fixtures.

    the black pull-down kitchen faucet

    14. A nine-piece pantry and fridge storage bin set to help you revitalize the look of your fridge and make all your produce feel new again. (Not guaranteed to un-brown your bananas, unfortunately, but might save it from happening again in the future!)

    a before-and-after using the bin set

    15. An electric tea kettle that you can use for making a pot of tea or for speeding up your boiling time for cooking on the stove top. (This is my favorite cooking hack. Use it wisely.)

    The lavender kettle

    16. An Ironwood Norwegian Saddle Tray that is just as fancy- looking as it sounds. If you were thinking about making breakfast in bed for a loved one, this tray would like to come along, please.

    17. A tabletop fan because you might have 99 kitchen problems, but feeling too hot next to the oven or stove shouldn't be one of them.

    the fan and remote

    18. A wine display cabinet to make it easy for you (and particularly beloved guests) to peruse your collection and choose a bottle to go with the meal.

    the wine cabinet

    19. A rose-shaped aluminum Bundt pan from a tried and true brand that will make your cakes look decadent and far more complicated than they actually are so that you can shock and amaze your friends with your mad baking skills.

    20. A beautiful Lodge cast-iron Dutch oven because you love to make soups and stews and this cooking essential will help you whip up delicious meals without using lots of pots and pans.

    Blue enamel cast iron pot on a white wooden surface with a piece of green parsley nearby

    21. A personal blender set that *should* be splurge-worthy (because look at all the stuff you get in this set!!) but is actually a mini splurge that won't break the bank.

    22. An enameled cast-iron chicken fryer made ~especially~ for frying large portions of chicken or fish. You know you're a dedicated chef when you can say, "Yeah, this is my special chicken fryer." (But it can also be used for any recipe that needs a tall-sided pan, of course!)

    the navy blue chicken fryer

    23. A steel cart with a cutting board top so whether you're sautéing or grilling, this cart can roll along with you for all your chopping and storing needs.

    the cart with kitchen items

    24. A high-end waffle maker, because you shouldn't have to wait until you're at a hotel's continental breakfast to have fresh, scrumptious waffles.

    25. A stunning cake stand that is 100% going to turn into a kindly old baker if your household objects are enchanted by a witch á la Beauty and the Beast. (It even has a rosebud top!)

    26. A high-tech meat thermometer so that you can get the perfect temp for meats. (Your guests will be so impressed when your steak comes out so well without 100 little stabby stabs in it from obsessively checking the color.)

    the meat thermometer

    27. A pantry essential set that will have you well on your way to perfect (and delightfully floral!) cooking and baking in no time. Bonus that every single one of the 25 (!!!) pieces is cute enough to leave out on the counter ~on purpose~.

    the pantry set

    28. A nautical themed whiskey decanter with glasses, because do any of us ever really escape our sea shanty phase? I think not. And think of how sophisticated this would look on top of your rolling bar cart!

    29. A rechargeable spice mill because this is the 21st century and why are we still grinding spices by hand, again?

    the mill with spices

    30. An extra large cutting board that has grooves to catch juices, grips to stabilize while chopping, and is made of thick, scratch-resistant bamboo. Basically this is the cutting board to end all other cutting boards.

    the cutting board

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