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5 Of The Many Times Ben Carson's Neurosurgeon Brain Failed Us

Only five because, unlike Obama, very few of us have 27 minutes of graciousness to spare.

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It was an anticipated point in my elementary school curriculum when I discovered that Ben Carson's "Gifted Hands" was on our reading list. An inner-city kid from Detroit who became an accomplished neurosurgeon is a journey that has inspired many young people of color and all backgrounds to follow their dreams despite their circumstances. But, that all died for me in 2013. It was the first of many deaths to come for my admiration of Carson and here's why.

3. He labeled the Baltimore Riots, as "senseless" and asked parents to "control their kids."


Not only did he attempt to widen the gap between generations on the topic of protest, but he totally diminished any sort of association with urban youth.

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